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Everything You Need to Know about Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is a cooling and ventilation system that maintains your room temperature during mild weather. It’s an advanced system that uses less energy in comparison to traditional air conditioning systems. The whole house fans work by replacing your indoor air with the cool outdoor breeze. It pulls cooler air from outside your … Read More >

HVAC Faults That are Badly Affecting Your Health

August is basically not the right time to be concerned about your physical health (that’s pretty much done in January), but in the advanced and growing world of HVACs and indoor ventilation, the professionals of heating and air conditioner service in Farmers Branch, TX suggest that we must pay some attention to our HVAC systems. … Read More >

Safety Measures to Maintain Heating Systems

During the winter season, residents of Farmers Branch, TX start looking for different ways to keep their houses warm. For this purpose, some people use traditional wooden fireplaces while others make use of the many modern heating systems available. However, as we hire technicians of heating and air conditioner service in Farmers Branch, TX to … Read More >

Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Home Appliances in Dallas, TX

Summertime is all about weekends, cool drinks, kids at home and long, hot afternoons. People tend to spend more time inside their chilled rooms, using the air conditioning appliances more and more. Excessive usage and weather conditions such as extreme heat and humidity take a toll on your home appliances, air conditions, refrigerators, washing machines … Read More >

Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair in Frisco, TX

Experts will argue that it is extremely easy to find out just when your air conditioner needs a repair. But homeowners, who are not apt at understanding the complexities behind their air conditioners, will often fall into a conundrum. They wonder whether there is an actual repair needed or is it just all in their … Read More >

Factors That Reduce the Efficiency of Your HVAC Filters

Changing the air filters of your HVAC systems on a regular basis is a must. If you don’t comply with this requirement, you might end up paying much more in terms of equipment replacement when hiring a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX. A neglected filter can significantly damage your unit. This is … Read More >

Signs Your AC Compressor and Condenser Are Failing

Air conditioning and heating are have become a necessity for our urban lifestyle. With several small to drastic changes in temperature happening throughout the year, especially in places like Dallas, TX, it is necessary to take care of your in-house temperature and adjust it to your comfort. While there are thousands of companies out there … Read More >

Choosing an HVAC Unit for Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX

Living in a place like Dallas, TX, you really feel the extreme heat start to get to you. The combination of heat and humidity is really not something that you can easily deal with but don’t worry, if you have an HVAC unit installed at home, there’s really nothing that can trouble you! With that … Read More >

Top AC and Heating System Problems

Your home heating system or AC may stop working due to various reasons. Make sure that you hire professional services for installation and maintenance purpose to ensure that they efficiently perform the job. Many people rely on DIY methods to save costs. However, this practice is not only risky but also adds more costs in … Read More >

Signs that You May Need Air Conditioner Repair in Irving, TX

As a professional heating and air condition service provider in Irving, TX, K&S Heating & Air is always on the go, providing HVAC solutions to the residents of Irving city. With the summer season in full swing, a majority of emergency calls that we receive are from citizens complaining about their air conditioner not working … Read More >

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