Air Conditioner Repair | Rockwall, TX

Air Conditioner Repair | Rockwall, TX

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So far so good, you have managed to reach the end of the long summer, and nothing has gone wrong with your air conditioner. Should you rest on your laurels or is there something you can do before next summer?

The best way to avoid a breakdown and an expensive air conditioner repair is to have your unit serviced. A service will ensure that your unit is running safely and that it is more energy-efficient. This will save you money on energy bills.

But even a unit that is regularly serviced can still break down, at this time the residents of Rockwall, TX will turn to K&S Heating & Air as their air conditioner repair company. Why do they do this? Well, we offer a quality service at an affordable price. If you do not believe us, just check our many reviews online.

How Does My Air Conditioner Work?

You do not need to be an expert to have a basic working knowledge of the workings of an air conditioner. Being armed with this knowledge will help you detect any early signs of trouble, and you will be able to take prompt action and reduce the costs of air condition repair.

Inside your home are the compressor and evaporator coils. Outside are located the condenser and cooling fins. Fans help to blow air over the coils, condenser, and cooling fins. These components are connected by copper tubing that contains the coolant. Warm air from inside your home is extracted and blown over the evaporator coils.

Heat is absorbed by the coolant within the coils. The compressor pumps the coolant around the copper tubing, where it reaches the condenser and cooling fins. Another fan blows outside air over the condenser and cooling fins and the heat from inside your home is lost to the outside air. Once the warm air inside your home cools the moisture in the air will condense and collect inside the drain pan. This water then flows outside via the AC drain line.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs an Air Conditioner Repair

Your Energy Bills Are a Lot Higher

As your unit gets older it costs more to run. Wear and tear will reduce the efficiency of each component, and they must work harder to maintain the temperature. As they work harder the components will use more energy, driving up your bills. You are also more likely to need an air conditioner repair as the components will get hotter as they use more energy and could overheat and burn out.

During a service, your air ducts will be checked for signs of damage. Cool air will escape through any damaged air duct or loose joints. You could be wasting a lot of money as it has been estimated that up to thirty percent of your unit’s energy could be escaping from the air ducts making air conditioner repair an affordable choice.

Badly calibrated thermostats are another source of wasted energy. If your thermostat tricks your unit into believing the temperature is higher than it is, your home will be cooler than you would like.

Less Cool Air Is Coming from Your Unit

If there has been a coolant leak, this will reduce the amount of coolant in your unit. Less coolant in the evaporator soil will reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the warm air. The air blown back into your home will be warmer. A problem with the fan will also reduce the amount of warm air blown over the coils, so there is less that can be cooled and blown back into your home.

Humidity Levels Have Gone Up

If the air blown back into your home is warmer, it will also be more humid. Warmer air has more moisture in it because the moisture only condenses back into the water at lower temperatures.

Frost Appears on the Evaporator Coils

It may seem strange to see frost on your evaporator coils in the middle of summer. If the coolant in the coils receives no heat, then the coils will start to freeze over. First, you will notice frost starting to form and later ice layers.

The ice layers will only make matters worse as they will function as an insulating layer further reducing the rate at which any heat can reach the coolant.

A faulty fan will reduce the amount of warm air and heat reaching the coolant, so will dirty air filters. If the evaporator coils have gotten dirty this too will reduce the heat flow.

Cleaning the coils, cleaning, or replacing the air filter, and dealing with problems with the fan are tasks that are performed during a regular service. Failure to deal with these problems will almost certainly result in an air conditioner repair.

Water Is Overflowing from Your Unit

If you see puddles of water inside or on the floor around your air conditioner, the explanation could be that there is a loose water connection somewhere. Usually, these are easy to fix by simply tightening a nut. Another cause of water overflowing is that the drain pan and AC drain line could be blocked by moss and algae growing in them.

Without an exit from your unit, the drain pan will overflow. This could cause a short circuit and the need for an air conditioner repair. Your unit could also shut down when the AC drain blocks, if this were to happen too many times, this could cause a breakdown and an air conditioner repair.

Strange Smells Coming from Your Unit

Any mold and algae spores that are growing in the drain pan or AC drain line are likely to make their way inside your home. This will give rise to any moldy smell in your home.

Other smells that you could experience are burning smells due to overheating components or pieces of loose solder. Burning smells shouldn’t be ignored as they indicate a risk of fire. Call K&S Heating & Air straight away for an air conditioner repair.

K&S Heating & Air a Trusted Air Conditioning Company in Rockwall, TX

Once your air conditioner breaks down you want somebody to come around quickly to fix your problem. You want K&S Heating & Air the most dependable air conditioning repair company in Rockwall, TX. We have highly trained and experienced technicians available 24/7. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you suspect something is wrong with your AC!