Air Conditioner Repair | Wylie, TX

Air Conditioner Repair | Wylie, TX

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There are so many creature comforts available to consumers that it can be difficult to choose a product or service and they are easily taken for granted, Almost 800,000 people do not have clean water or sanitation services available to them. It puts a hot shower into the perspective of luxury. A hot shower first thing in the morning is a pleasurable way to begin a day, but could you imagine finding clean water, building a fire to heat the water for a very cold bath instead?

K&S Heating & Air in Wylie, TX does not want you to experience mornings with icy showers and mild water pressure. Plumbing services and HVAC are complex systems that provide the creature comforts that make our lives a lot more than a campfire and a tent. December is a mild time period when it comes to weather during the winter season, but there are odd days when it is pretty warm and may even need the air conditioner repair.

The team at K&S Heating & Air in Wylie, TX are big supporters of having your household heating, air conditioning, vent system, and plumbing to be checked at least annually or semi-annually to protect the productivity of your appliances. Homes and other buildings that review their appliances on a routine basis can extend the lifespan of the utility appliance. Regular checks ensure that there aren’t gas leaks leading to potential emergency air conditioner repair.

You would think routine services may cost more than they are worth. However, if your AC breaks down in the sweltering days of May. June, July, August, or even September the cost of repair when the mercury is high makes regular service an affordable and prudent choice and will save your bank account a hearty depletion.

Why Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner Repair Is a Terrible Idea

The internet is useful for a variety of reasons. It gives us valuable information whether we are in the comfort of our homes, working in an office, or simply on the go. There are probably thousands of websites and handyman videos claiming they can teach you how to conduct an air conditioner repair.

Air conditioner repair is not as simple as it seems. The heating, vent system, and air conditioning technicians (HVAC) undergo a lot more training than you would expect. They must complete several academic courses, complete an apprenticeship and visit the manufacturers of the appliances to understand how they are supposed to work and provide the ability to spot problems before they become disasters.

It is a clever idea to search for an objective website that evaluates air conditioner technicians and other HVAC experts. You will find honest reviews, an idea of how each company is run, and how they prioritize call-out work and provide clear pricing and timelines to complete the necessary tasks.

We hire the very best air conditioner repair and HVAC technicians that live in the Wylie, TX region, but the K&S Heating & Air team is fully vetted before they are ever offered a position at K&S Heating & Air. We have a very high Business Bureau Rating, we check their credit, and criminal background to ensure that all of our customers feel safe having our team members and experts working in their homes whether they are at work and the technicians work alone in the home or if the entire family is present when the work is being completed. We would not hire anyone we would not invite into our homes during the holidays or special occasions.

Routine Annual or Semi-Annual Maintenance

Caring for a home does not come with a manual that tells you how to care for all the appliances that make a home or a business comfortable to stay and rest and work inside of. K&S Heating & Air offers a subscription service that is scheduled at the same time every six months or at the same time once a year.

The HVAC and Plumbing subscription service review the functionality of all your primary, household appliances like the furnace, air conditioner, vent, and plumbing systems to make sure there are no problems developing within these necessary utilities to prevent an emergency repair or an expensive air conditioner repair in the middle of the summer when prices rise and demand increases making it more difficult to get a prompt appointment and living without air conditioning during the hottest months living in Texas.

Customer Reviews

“We needed our air conditioner repair quickly because my husband has asthma and pulmonary disease. The heat and dust rolling through the open windows were making life unbearable for him, but at the same time, we could not close the windows because it was more than 90 degrees that week. I made probably 15 calls to air conditioner repair companies and none of them could fit us in for weeks. Finally, I reached K&S Heating and Air and they scheduled a visit for the following Monday and I scheduled the appointment on the previous Friday. The fans in our air conditioner were bent badly by a tree limb that fell during a random storm. We were both very pleased with the work the K&S team did for us. It cost a lot less than we expected too! We will be using them for every HVAC need from this point on,”

Judy Williams

“Once the covid pandemic lightened up a little bit, my family and I decided to visit our friends a few states away in Mississippi. When we returned the house was so dusty, you could barely breathe inside our home. I called K&S immediately. We have been using them since we moved to Texas in 2009. They came out right away and deep cleaned our vent system. They even helped clean up the dust around the house. They insisted to do the work for free because we are routine maintenance subscribers and had our vents (or supposedly did) cleaned last year. Turns out, one of their former employees was not doing his job properly and was promptly let go. If you have an HVAC issue call K&S and let them affordably and quickly fix your problems!

Mark Trudo


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