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Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: Coping With Texan Heat | Plano, TX

Photo By Ed Connor at Shutterstock The first settlers did not arrive in the area until the 1840s. Many different names were considered (including naming the town after the U.S. President, Millard Filmore) but these pragmatic pioneers chose the Mexican word for flat, ‘Plano.’ A few decades later, the Houston and Central Texas Railway helped to … Read More >


Why You Need Heating And AC Repair | Lewisville, TX

Photo By vladans at istock Lewisville, TX is not a place you want to live without having access to a sound HVAC system. A heater and air conditioner is necessary for heating and cooling the home to comfortable temperatures. Since it doesn’t serve you well to try to fix an HVAC system you know nothing about, … Read More >


How to Avoid Heating and AC Repair Problems | Lewisville, TX

Photo By InCommunicado at istock Residents of Lewisville, TX know how important it is to have a dependable heater and air conditioner. Keeping your HVAC system in good working order isn’t hard, but there are some basic things that can extend the life and efficiency of your unit. Every heating and air conditioning system is vulnerable … Read More >


7 of the Most Common Heating and AC Repair Issues | Farmers Branch, TX

Photo By LSOphoto at istock One of the most inconvenient issues in your home is an improperly working heating and air conditioning system. Often, you can save yourself time, inconvenience, and money by knowing what can go wrong. Here is a list of seven of the most common heating and ac repair problems, so you will … Read More >


Heating and AC Repair for Your Comfort and Your Health | Richardson, TX

Photo By Valerii Apetroaiei at istock Through the hot summers and chilly winters, calling for heating and AC repair isn’t just to keep you comfortable, it’s also to keep you healthy. We at K&S Heating and Air are dedicated to making sure that the air in your home is the right temperature and the best quality. … Read More >


All Year Round: Heating and AC Repair | Lewisville, TX

Photo By Heating and AC repair in Lewisville, TX and beyond needs constant upkeep, repair, and replacement, and what better place to provide it than K&S Heating and Air. Situated in Dallas, TX, the company is poised to serve Lewisville and other surrounding areas. With that in mind, once the big seasons of winter or … Read More >


Have Your Heating and AC Repair Done By Experts | Lewisville, TX

Photo By strut at istock You’ll not understand the value of your heating and AC system until it breaks down. Immediately this happens, the temperature in your house will start rising. It can get to a level that may force you out of the house, especially if it happens during summer. On the other hand, if … Read More >

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