K&S Heating & Air provides air conditioning services in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area whether it is rain or shine, day or night. Same day service is available and for your convenience we offer emergency services twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.  Rest assured you are in very capable hands when you choose K&S Heating and Air for your next HVAC service call.
During the middle of summer temperatures can get very uncomfortable, especially around the Dallas metropolitan area. Air conditioning provides homes and businesses with crisp, cool refreshing air that helps alleviate the scorching summer heat after spending long hours outdoors. K&S Heating & Air can assist you with your next air conditioning repair, maintenance or installation needs.

K&S Heating & Air AC Services

If you are looking for a professional heating and cooling technician to assist you with AC repair, installation and / or maintenance then you are in the right place. K&S Heating and Air specializes in:

How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners are composed of three primary parts. These parts are the evaporator, condenser and the compressor.  The air conditioner’s compressor pumps refrigerant into the HVAC system. Refrigerant in its liquid form is circulated from the compressor and pumped into the condenser.  While the refrigerant is within the condenser it is cooled until it transforms to a gas where it then exits the condenser. The gaseous form then traverses into the capillary tubes where it will once again transform into a liquid state at which point it will enter the evaporator coil.  A fan in the air conditioning system will blow across the evaporator coils dispersing crisp, cool air throughout your home or business.  It will continue repeating this process until the cooled zone reaches the specified temperatures.

Certified Licensed Professionals

K&S Heating and Air understands that safety is at the top of your list when you hire a company to provide a service within your home.  K&S Heating and Air technicians go through extensive background checks before they are hired and we screen for drug and alcohol tests randomly.  K&S Heating and Air is a leader in the heating and cooling field. We maintain this by staying up to date with the latest methods, technological advancements and continuing new educational courses as needed.  This allows us to assist you with a standard of professional degree that you would expect from your air conditioning service provider.

Additional Air Conditioning Services

Our Commitment to your Comfort

K&S Heating and Air can sympathize with how aggravating and uncomfortable it can be when your existing air conditioning system is not meeting your comfort requirements or breaks down entirely. When you hire us to take care of your AC needs you expect the best and will receive the best. Our professional and friendly technicians excel at delivering HVAC services within the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. We provide installation, maintenance and repair services for air conditioners from most major brands. The next time you need service you can trust us to deliver you with prompt, professional air conditioning service.

Contact K&S Heating & Air

K&S Heating and Air provides air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial customers in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area.  We offer a full line-up of professional HVAC services. There is no job to big or too small that we cannot handle.  If you are in need of air conditioning installation, repair or even maintenance for your home or office then give us a call today. K&S Heating and Air is available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience.
We are a family owned and operated business that has been providing heating and cooling service solutions for many years in the Dallas area.  K&S Heating and Air is also a proud member with the Better Business Bureau where we maintain a solid A+ rating.  If you are in need of service and have questions or concerns then you can give us a call and one of our professional and friendly HVAC technicians will assist you.