Air Conditioning Services in Dallas, TX

Summertime in the Dallas metropolitan area can bring very uncomfortable temperatures that frequently reach the triple digits. For residents of this area, we know that air conditioning is more than a luxury – it’s a necessity. A good, properly working air conditioner can provide homes and businesses with crisp, cool, and refreshing air that helps alleviate the scorching summer heat. But what happens when AC systems malfunction or break down completely?

Being without a working air conditioning system in the midst of a Texas summer can not only be uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important for locals to have an HVAC company they can trust when they need emergency air conditioning services. That HVAC company is K&S Heating & Air.

Rain or shine, day or night, the HVAC service technicians at K&S Heating & Air are proud to provide high-quality air conditioning services to residential and commercial customers in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. Whether you need air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation services, a skilled HVAC contractor from our team is ready and willing to help. Same-day service is available for your convenience, and we are happy to offer emergency services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Rest assured, you are in very capable hands when you choose K&S Heating and Air for your next HVAC servicing job.

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K&S Heating & Air AC Services

If you’re looking for a professional heating and cooling technician to assist you with AC repair, installation, and/or maintenance, you’re in the right place. K&S Heating and Air specializes in:

  • Dallas Air Conditioning Installation – Our expert technicians at K&S provide superior air conditioning system installation services all across North Texas. When it comes to know-how, our technicians stay up to date with the current changes and latest technological advancements in heating and cooling systems.  From a small mini-split system installation to installing a large central heating and cooling system, we’re prepared to do it all.
  • Dallas Air Conditioning Maintenance –Professional maintenance of air conditioning systems tends to be overlooked by many businesses and homeowners – until a problem presents itself, that is. Obtaining routine air conditioning inspections and maintenance is essential in ensuring that your HVAC system operates efficiently. It also extends the life cycle of the system and helps save on utility bills.
  • Dallas Air Conditioning Repair – When you try to repair your AC system on your own, you actually risk causing even more damage to the unit, which will likely require you to call a professional for emergency repair or even an entire unit replacement prematurely. It’s much better to request the help of a certified HVAC technician right off the bat than to attempt air conditioning repair yourself.

How Air Conditioners Work

An air conditioning unit is composed of three primary parts. These parts include the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor.  The air conditioner’s compressor pumps refrigerant into the HVAC system. Refrigerant in its liquid form is circulated from the compressor and pumped into the condenser. While the refrigerant is within the condenser, it’s cooled until it transforms into a gas, which then exits the condenser. The gaseous form then travels into the capillary tubes, where it will once again transform into a liquid state. At this point, it will enter the evaporator coil while a fan in the air conditioning system blows across the evaporator coils, finally dispersing crisp, cool air throughout your home or business. It will continue repeating this process until the cooled zone reaches the specified temperatures.

Certified Licensed Professionals

K&S Heating and Air understands that safety is at the top of your list when you hire an HVAC company to provide a service within your home. That’s why our technicians go through extensive background checks before they are hired. We also screen for drug and alcohol tests randomly to ensure you are getting only the best air conditioning repair services at all times.

As a leader in the heating and cooling field, K&S Heating and Air is well-equipped to handle your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, no matter what they may be. From making sure the system is working properly with comprehensive repairs and tune-ups, to replacing an old unit and installing a new, more efficient system, we can do it all.

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest methods and technological advancements in the HVAC industry by consistently training and continuing new educational courses as needed. This allows us to assist you with a standard of professional degree that you should rightfully expect from your Dallas air conditioning service provider.

Air Conditioning Systems

At K&S, we offer top-quality products and services, meaning we are familiar with all major make and models of HVAC systems. Whether you need air conditioner repair, a simple tune-up of your AC system, or are looking to install new equipment, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the many different air conditioning systems we offer here at K&S Heating and Air:

Additional HVAC Services We Offer at K&S

K&S Heating and Air is a full-service company. This means our certified technicians are equipped to handle far more than just air conditioning repairs, installations, and maintenance solutions. Some of the many other services we provide include:

Heating Services in Dallas

We offer the following heating services in Dallas:

  • Dallas Heating Repair – At K&S, our technicians have vast experience with dealing with all types of heating systems in the metropolitan Dallas area. We carry all of the necessary tools, equipment, and common parts needed to repair common problems with heating systems and ensure their proper function all winter long.
  • Dallas Heating Installation – We’ll take care of your heating system installation and ensure that the job is done correctly the first time around. Our heating and cooling specialists are not only highly qualified and trained to do the job, but also certified to handle many different types, brands, and sizes of heating systems. We offer a wide range of heating solutions for installation in your home, including conventional heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and energy-efficient ductless mini-split systems.
  • Dallas Heating Maintenance – K&S Heating and Air can provide your home with warm, comforting air during cold weather by providing heating maintenance to your home’s heating system.  Our comprehensive HVAC maintenance will not only increase the efficiency of your heating system and ensure it is functioning properly but will also assist in extending the lifespan of your HVAC system as well as significantly reducing energy costs.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Dallas, TX

We offer the following indoor air quality services in Dallas

  • Air Purifiers – Whole house air purifiers offer efficient and cost-friendly solutions for removing airborne particulates by filtering out these pollutants in every room of your home or business. In order to benefit the most from your air purification system, you should use a quality air filter, such as a HEPA filter, instead of a cheap disposable air filter.
  • Air Exchangers – Air exchangers operate by delivering fresh outside air into your home.  While in the process of delivering the fresh air, air exchangers will also filter out and eliminate irritants and pollutants from the air such as dust, mold, and other volatile organic compounds.
  • Air Filtration – Air filtration in your home is vital to promoting good health and easy breathing by providing greater indoor air quality. If you are looking to have an air filtration system installed in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians have the experience and know-how to set you up with a system that will meet the needs of your home.
  • Dehumidifiers – Whole house dehumidifiers improve the comfort levels in your home by removing excess humidity from the indoor air.  Not only this, but a dehumidifier will also improve the indoor air quality of your home and help in decreasing your electric bills.
  • Humidifiers – Excessively dry air can more than just discomfort, it can cause an array of health problems. A whole-house humidifier will increase humidity levels in your home with just the right amount of moisture to meet your comfort levels. These systems will help in providing your home with adequate amounts of moisture to promote you and your loved ones’ comfort and health.
  • UV Lights – By installing UV air cleaners in your air ducts, you can help mitigate germs that would otherwise worsen asthma and allergies while helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses.

Our Commitment to your Comfort

K&S Heating and Air can sympathize with how aggravating and uncomfortable it can be when your existing air conditioning system is not meeting your comfort requirements or breaks down entirely. When you hire us to take care of your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation needs, you can expect the best customer service from the best HVAC technicians throughout Dallas and the surrounding area.

Our professional and friendly AC repair technicians excel at delivering HVAC services within the Dallas, TX, metropolitan area. We provide heater and air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services for most major brands. You’ll always receive a quick response, fair assessment, and awesome service every time you choose K&S.

Contact K&S Heating & Air for Top HVAC Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Beyond

When residents in the DFW metroplex seek commercial and/or residential HVAC services, they know they can trust our team at K&S Heating and Air to deliver prompt, professional AC repair and maintenance services. More than that, we offer a full line-up of professional HVAC services. There is no job too big or too small that we cannot handle.  If you are in need of air conditioning installation, maintenance, or HVAC repair in Dallas or the surrounding areas, give us a call today. K&S Heating and Air is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience.

What’s more, we are all about helping you save money. Our goal is to make our heating and air conditioning services as affordable as possible for every customer. As such, we provide special financing options with approved credit (see here!) as well as upfront rates and special promotions to help you save as much as possible.

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been providing heating and cooling service solutions for many years in the Dallas area.  K&S Heating and Air is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, where we maintain a solid A+ rating.  If you are in need of service and have questions or concerns, then you can give us a call at  (972) 942-8077 and one of our professional and friendly HVAC technicians will assist you.