Ductless Air Conditioning Service in Dallas

Ductless Air Conditioning Service in Dallas

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In the past, air conditioning was only an excellent addition for some households and not a necessity. However, summers in Dallas, TX, have become long and sizzling, and due to global warming, more extreme heat is expected to become a norm. Therefore an air conditioner is a must-have for your home. At K&S, We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, Texas.

There are various ways to cool your house. With numerous ACs available in the market, most individuals are turning to ductless options. Ductless air conditioners have become popular for many homeowners with a lean budget, those who do not want to buy intrusive ductwork, and persons looking to lower their energy consumption.

You can get many perks by having an air conditioning service provider install a ductless AC in your home. Keep reading to discover why you should select a ductless AC for your home.

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning


Approximately 30 percent of the energy cost for cooling a room with an AC is lost through ducts. You don’t have to worry about energy loss with ductless air conditioners since they do not have ducts.

Most traditional cooling ACs are large compared to a ductless unit, hence consuming more power, thus you’ll end up spending more on energy bills. Also, they may run inefficiently due to various reasons and end up consuming more power.

On the other hand, ductless ACs are small in size, hence you end up saving money on power in the long run. They are effective because they deliver temperature-controlled air directly into a room and not the entire building, thus less energy and money spent because it can’t heat or cool unoccupied rooms.

When it comes to installation, you’ll spend less mounting a ductless AC system compared to other standard units that will need the expertise of an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. Plus, you may end up with more benefits when you go for a ductless air conditioner because some utility companies provide tax credits and rebates for those who upgrade this highly-efficient AC.


Homeowners have the option of choosing a ductless air conditioner that comes with heating from their air conditioning service. This ensures your home is comfortable during icy winters and reduces the burden on your furnace.

Ductless air conditioners are flexible in that they can be fixed in many places compared to normal systems. This makes it easier for homeowners to easily adjust the temperature to their preferences, unlike regular ACs that are distributed throughout the entire house.

Standard AC units make it problematic when you want to cool one area but leave the other warm, plus your family may prefer different temperatures, hence causing disagreements.

Ductless systems efficiently resolve such issues by offering a room-by-room cooling solution. You can also install these units in many more places compared to traditional systems. For instance, they can perfectly fit in new homes, old office buildings, condos, small apartments, new homes, basements, and garages. If your home still uses the traditional, ducted system, you can have qualified air conditioning service experts conduct a replacement.

Environment Friendly

Normal AC units are known to be inefficient because they have ducts that increase the risk of air leakage when transferring the cool air into your house. Therefore, if temperatures outside are hot, warm air will enter your room, and this will force the AC to overwork in ensuring your home remains cool.

Also, the ductwork of most regular AC systems is situated in places like crawl space, attics, or basements, exposing it to hot temperatures during summer. In such cases, the AC system will struggle to counteract the exposure while cooling your living space simultaneously. But ductless AC units do not experience this problem because they don’t have any ductwork, thus they don’t have to work so hard, and this lowers your energy expenditure, which is good for the environment.

Data from the government reveals that heating and cooling costs take the lion’s share of your home’s energy bills; therefore, energy-efficient AC solutions must be a top priority. That’s the reason why some homeowners are going ductless.

Ductless AC units have a SEER rating of between 18 to 30 compared to the conventional AC with a SEER rating ranging from 13 to 20. Therefore, if an air conditioning service company installs this AC in your house, you’ll end up saving on 30 to 40 percent in electrical costs.

Another reason why a ductless AC system is more energy efficient is that it uses inverter technology to regulate the speed of the compressor motor. This technology is also used in conventional AC units, but only on high-end systems.

Inverters increase the energy efficiency of ductless AC units, thus extending the lifespan of their parts. This not only makes your AC operate silently but also lowers operating costs, and you’ll encounter fewer breakdowns.

Lowers the Risk of Breathing in Contaminants

Regular AC units accumulate dirt, dust, and other allergens in the ductwork, which you end up breathing. But in ductless AC systems, you are assured of the quality indoor air because debris will not build up and end up circulating through your air.

AC systems are expensive to maintain because you need a professional air conditioning service expert to clean and conduct routine duct maintenance and check for leaks. But, with ductless units, you’ll not have to worry about frequent duct maintenance because most are designed with sophisticated filtration cartridges that can easily be replaced or washed without any need for regular maintenance.

These numerous-stage filtration systems are effective in preventing harmful airborne particles from getting into your home. However, it’s essential to have an air conditioning service company in Dallas, TX, inspect the unit once in a while to clean the condenser, filter, and coil.

Balances Humidity

Homeowners are advised to keep their indoor humidity levels between 30 to 50 percent. Although there are many ways to achieve this perfect ideal humidity, a ductless system is among the most economical and easier ways to attain this level in your home, especially during summer.

Ductless systems use a coolant that absorbs heat during scorching summers, hence preventing the indoor air from holding much moisture. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about foggy windows or bacteria growth.


Ductless air conditioners can be installed anywhere in your Dallas home. You can place them on the ceiling, wall, or floor without compromising your indoor air quality. Therefore, you can contact an air conditioning service professional to install this unit to enhance your indoor air quality.

Go Ductless Today!

If you are interested in upgrading your current AC unit to enjoy the above benefits, don’t hesitate to call K&S Heating & Air. Our air conditioning service professionals will mount this unit quickly without major hassles. You can also rely on us for routine maintenance, inspections, and cleaning. Call us to get your ductless air conditioner installed today!