Thermostats are what control the automation of heating and air conditioning systems.  Thermostats control many aspects of a HVAC system, such as, turning on or off the system when desired temperature levels have been met, or coming on at certain times in the day or night as programmed, if you have a programmable thermostat installed.

Thermostats come in many different types and some may be more suitable than others for homeowners. K&S Heating and Air can assist you with what thermostat may be best for you.  We service metropolitan Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.  If you are looking to upgrade your current thermostat or need thermostat repair then give us a call today and one of our friendly technicians will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

The costs of heating and cooling your home can equate to as much as 50% or more of your monthly energy usage. There are multiple steps that can be taken to help make your home leaner on energy consumption. Programmable thermostats are one way you can achieve this.  If you are looking for even more control in your home’s heating and air system then you may be interested in learning more about smart thermostats.

The Advantages of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a boon in today’s homes. These thermostats can offer many benefits when you have one installed in your home. Benefits such as energy savings, improved comfort levels, and convenience are just but a few. Programmable thermostats cut down on the costs of operating a central heating and cooling system by allowing you schedule when the system cuts on and off. More advanced thermostats are available on the market that will actually learn your habits and schedule, and adjust accordingly to them to meet your comfort level needs.

If you are looking for ways to cut back on your electric bill and you do not have a programmable thermostat installed in your home, a good place to start is with one of these.  When you have one installed in your home, you could see a return of investment in as little as a year or less.   When you use a programmable thermostat you can set the time the system kicks in in your Dallas home according to your daily routines.  More advanced thermostats will also allow you to adjust settings from your smartphone, giving you even more control over your home’s HVAC system.

An example of how you can utilize a programmable thermostat would be scheduling the thermostat to adjust temperatures slightly in the mornings when you awake and shut off when you go to work or run daily errands.  One hour before you come home from work, you could have the system kick in so that once you get home, the inside temperatures of your home meet your comfort levels.

The settings for this are stored in the programmable thermostat and will be repeated each day and can be overridden manually if needed. With this thermostat you will have more precise control over the comfort levels in your home and you can save a lot in energy costs in the process.

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When you choose to use K&S Heating & Air for your programmable thermostat needs you can rest assured in your decision as we are one of the leading experts in the field within the Dallas, TX area.  All of our professional technicians go through a rigid screening process, drug and alcohol tests before they are hired. Our technicians also stay up to date by continuing their education in the HVAC field by taking ongoing classes to help them stay on top of emerging technologies, techniques and innovations in the field.  All of this helps K&S Heating & Air provide you with the service you want and need. You can count on us to get the job done correctly, professionally and with your safety in mind.

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K&S Heating and Air’s professional technicians can take care of all of your air conditioning needs.  From providing general repairs to installations, you can count on K&S Heating & Air to provide you with what you need. Some of the following air conditioning services provided are as follows:

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