Gas and Oil Heat in Dallas, TX

A good majority of Dallas homes depend on a central furnace during cold weather to provide heat. A furnace operates by blowing heated air through a series of duct work that will deliver the warm air to rooms and zones throughout a home.  This type of heating system is called forced air or ducted warm air.  They can be powered either by electricity, natural gas or fuel oil.

On the inside of a gas or oil fired furnace, the fuel is combined with the air and then burned. The flames will heat a heat exchanger where the heat is then transferred into the air.  This air is then drawn over the heat exchanger by the air handler and then pushed through a series of ductwork.  Volatile after products of the combustion will be vented away from the living spaces via a flue pipe.  Older furnaces vented directly to the air and with that they wasted thirty percent or more of the energy created by the fuel in order to safely remove the exhaust through the chimney.

Controls for the heating system will regulate when the system is turned on and off.  The most important control being the thermostat which regulates when the system cuts on and off based upon the home’s desired temperatures.  Most forced air systems will utilize a single thermostat.  But, there are multiple other internal controls within a heating system that are critical for safety controls, such as the “high limit” switch.

Measuring the efficiency of a fuel burning furnace is based upon the heat produced per unit of input energy.  This furnace efficiency regulation is coined the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency.  It estimates the efficiency of the system compiling the average peak and part-load situations.  AFUE, accounts for the furnace’s start-up, cool-down, and other operational loses sustained during real operating conditions.  It also includes an estimate of the amount of electricity that will be utilized by the air handler, inducer fan, and other controls.  The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace is.

Oil or Gas Heat in Dallas, Texas

AFUE ratings for oil furnaces typically range between 80 – 90%, whereas, gas furnaces have ratings between 89 – 98% percent.  Gas furnaces are more efficient than oil furnaces but it comes at a price – gas furnaces are usually 10 – 25% higher in costs for the same size oil furnace.  When it comes to the cost of operating these furnaces the favor also leans more so towards gas furnaces as gas prices tend to be much lower than that of oil.

Pros and Cons of Oil and Gas Furnaces in Dallas

Oil Furnaces

  • Oil furnaces provide more heat per BTU than any other heating sources, however, a storage tank must be located on-site in order for the oil to be delivered.
  • Oil furnaces are regularly serviced by a delivery company that will deliver the oil to the home. Maintenance on the other hand tends to be much more extensive due to dirt and soot buildup. Chimneys must be cleaned and the oil filters must be removed and changed quite often.
  • Oil furnaces initial costs are much less than gas furnaces, but the efficiency is lower than their gas furnace counterparts and the costs of fuel is much higher than with gas furnaces.

Gas Furnaces

  • Natural gas furnaces have a much higher efficiency than oil furnaces and the fuel costs much less than oil. However, the home must be located in an area where there is a natural gas supply available.
  • Natural gas furnaces do not require that much maintenance, but the natural gas furnace will provide less heat per BTU than their oil furnace counterpart.
  • Natural gas furnaces operate much quieter and cleaner than oil furnaces, but upfront costs for gas furnaces are much higher than oil furnaces.

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