Are you looking to purchase a new high-efficiency forced air furnace for your home in Dallas, Texas?  With the ever, increasing costs of energy bills and environmental concerns being in the forefront of the news, many homeowners are looking at ways to cut back on excessive energy costs and / or looking to decrease their carbon footprint.

If your current furnace is not working entirely, or has become high maintenance, it might be time to consider purchasing a new, high-efficiency furnace.  The efficiency of your Dallas home’s furnace can make a big difference in your monthly electric bill.   The United States Department of Energy (DOE) states that approximately fifty-six percent of the electricity used in the average U.S. home accounts for heating and cooling.  The heating portion of this is around thirty percent.   If you can get more efficiency out of your heating and air needs, you could potentially cut back quite a bit in your monthly electric bill.

If the furnace in your home was installed more than 25 years ago, it is probably obsolete.  After 1992, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) passed new standards for heating and cooling manufacturers requiring that new furnaces must be able to convert seventy eight percent of the fuel into usable heat.  Then again in 2013, these standards were increased to eighty percent.  Before 1992, worst case furnace models fuel utilization efficiency was below sixty percent.  A large volume of models ranged anywhere between 65 – 70% and the best models already were ranging between 75 – 80%.  Today, however, there are models that have efficiency ratings as high as 98.5 percent.

So if your furnace was installed in your Dallas home before 1992, there is a good chance that you are sending thirty percent or more of your heat straight out of the furnace flue.  Chances are, your forced air furnace is operating at such low efficiencies, that it is probably producing about half the heat that a newer furnace would with the same amount of fuel.

Energy-Saving Furnace Features

The largest advancement over the years with energy efficiency in furnaces is from the combustion. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces control the amount of air that is mixed with the fuel and the speed of the blower will depend on the temperature settings in the home.  Sealed combustion, which is where all combustion air is brought in from the outdoors and then mixed with the fuel at a controlled rate. This form of combustion produces maximum heat potential from the fuel.
Another major change in furnaces has to deal with the gas valves, which have become much more sophisticated over the years.  A two-stage gas valve will warm up the furnace rather quickly.  A great deal of gas-fired, high-efficiency furnaces will also save on the initial electricity that is needed to power the blower.  However, the savings from this is not factored into the annual fuel usage efficiency rating.  This savings is achieved by coupling a programmable thermostat to a variable speed motor.
In a conventional system the furnace will turn on, blow warm air into the home at full force for a few minutes, and then turn off.  A variable-speed system will operate the blower for longer periods of time at a lower speed. This not only provides comfortable warmth much more quietly but will also consume less electricity.

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K&S Heating and Air’s professional technicians can take care of all of your heating needs.  From providing general repairs to installations, you can count on K&S Heating & Air to provide you with what you need. Some of the following heating services provided are as follows:

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