Common Mistakes Homeowner Make When it Comes to HVACs

Your air conditioner contributes to up to 40% of your electricity bill and that too many times because of improper care and negligence in its maintenance. Here are some common mistakes that we know almost every homeowner makes when it comes to air conditioning systems. Getting an Oversized/Undersized Air Conditioning System This might not seem … Read More >

Ductless Heating & Cooling: Pros & Cons

While the entire world is currently experiencing intense weathers – hot is too hot and cold is too cold – heating and air conditioning systems are quickly becoming a necessity whereas they were once dubbed a luxury. When it comes to the best heating or cooling systems for homes, offices or even shops, there is … Read More >

How Your AC Unit Can Affect Your Health

A majority of people install AC units in their homes to counter the scorching heat of sun. It is an effective method of keeping a space cool. Make sure that you carefully choose an AC unit for your house or office, so that it can efficiently maintain the required temperature. Also, acquire professional services for … Read More >

7 Effective Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Units

We often forget our AC units after installing one at home, regardless of the fact that its service is extremely important if you do not want it to stop working in hot weather. Professional workers recommend a yearly or bi-yearly maintenance of air conditioning units. Try to avoid cleaning or repairing components on your own … Read More >

How to Use Your Air Conditioner to Its Full Capacity

The moment you think about turning you air conditioner on, your mind comes up with several questions: Is it really hot that I need to turn on the AC? If I turn it on now and close it in fifteen minutes, can I turn it on again at night? Will it cost me more if … Read More >

6 Tips on How to Maintain You Air Conditioning Unit

Before contacting an air conditioning service in Allen, TX, you need to make sure that the company specializes in heating and air conditioning repairs. If you are planning to seek help from your local handyman then think again because nowadays, air conditioning units have become more complex. It is better to hire the same air … Read More >

Air Conditioners: Ductless or Ducted?

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or moving to a new one altogether, there’s a lot of choices that you must make. While shopping for furniture and home decor is fun, exciting and highly amusing, choosing the perfect cooling alternative for your home might pose more of a challenge in this regard. If you’re more … Read More >

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