Why Do I Need An Air Conditioning Service? | Dallas, TX

Why Do I Need An Air Conditioning Service? | Dallas, TX

Have you had your air conditioner break down before? Then you know just how harsh living conditions can get inside your home. It is not long before the temperature and humidity start to get unbearable. The people of Dallas, TX have become accustomed to K&S Heating & Air offering a speedy and reliable repair service. But as much as we like helping people we would prefer to visit you for a routine air conditioning service than for an emergency callout for repairs.

What Happens During a Routine Air Conditioning Service?

There are two main parts in most air conditioners. The inside part contains the evaporator coils, the compressor, the internal fan, thermostats, and electrical circuits. The external part consists of the condenser, cooling fins, and the external fan.

Each of these components is connected by copper tubes that contain the coolant. After the warm air inside your home is cooled it is then carried back around your home by air ducts. An air conditioning service from K&S Heating & Air will carefully examine all these components and more.

Checks Performed on the Indoor Components

Over time dust will gather on the inside of your unit. During an air conditioning service, the air conditioner will be given a good spring cleaning, as any dust that gathers on the components could cause them to overheat and burn out.

The cleaning of the evaporator coils is particularly important as any dirt layer on the coils will have an insulating effect and reduce the rate at which the coolant absorbs heat from the warm air blown over them.

Paradoxically the coils can freeze even on the hottest day, as they require a certain amount of heat to keep from freezing over. You will notice frost and ice start to form on the coils. As they freeze the coils could cause the unit to shut down completely, and you will have to wait for up to 24-hours to allow the coils to thaw before you can use your unit again.

Coolant Levels

The coolant levels are checked and topped up if necessary because, without the correct amount of coolant in your unit, less heat will be absorbed by coolant from the warm air. The air blown back into your home will be that much warmer and humid. A technician from K&S Heating & Air serving Dallas, TX will look for any leaks and undertake repairs once you have given your permission.

The air filters are cleaned or replaced – Another reason why the evaporator coils could freeze over is that not enough warm air is blown over them. As the air filter gets dirtier, they restrict the flow of warm air over the coils.

The outcome is like low coolant levels, with the coils freezing over. Having cleaner air filters has the positive effect of allowing less dirt and pollen into your home, improving air quality.

Faulty Fans

The fan is inspected and adjusted is a vital part of regular maintenance. The fan removes the warm air from your home and blows it over the evaporator coils. After the air is cooled, it is transported through the air duct around your home.

A faulty fan can also restrict the amount of warm air blown over the coils and can also lead to the coils freezing. The fan is often the noisiest part of your unit, more so when there is a fault.

Any screeching noises are often the result of a worn-out fan belt or bearings in the motor. Loud banging noises can be due to a bent or misaligned blade striking the inside of your unit. If you are worried about any strange noises, you should call K&S Heating & Air immediately.

Thermostats will be checked and readjusted – A badly calibrated thermostat will waste many dollars. By not correctly taking the temperature inside your home, your unit may overwork providing too much cooling air.

Lubricating Parts

Moving parts are lubricated. Lubrication of moving parts reduces friction, so they will not wear out as quickly. This is especially true for fans.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical components are inspected – Any loose connections will be tightened, and each component is thoroughly checked to see if it is working correctly within the manufacturer’s design requirements.

Should any faulty components be detected, they will be replaced, again after you have been consulted. Leave the building if you see sparks, smell smoke, or see fire.

Checks Carried Out on the Outdoor Components 

Condenser and cooling fins are inspected and cleaned –The heat from inside your home is transported by the coolant outside through the condenser and cooling fins. The outside air is blown over them and this excess heat is removed. The coolant continues back inside and the process repeats.

The condenser and cooling fins are cleaned to remove any dirt layers that have formed. This dirt layer will reduce the rate at which the heat is removed by the outside air.

The external fan is checked and adjusted – A faulty external fan will not allow enough outside air to be blown over the cooling fins. This in turn reduces the amount of heat absorbed from the coolant and the cooling effect from your air conditioner will be reduced.

AC Drain Line

It is important to have the drain pan cleaned because as the warm air cools inside your home, the moisture in the air condenses as water into the drain pan and later flows outside via the AC drain line. If these are blocked for any reason the water will overflow the drain pan into your unit and could cause a short circuit.

The Benefits of An Air Conditioning Service

When the air conditioning service is completed, there will be less chance of a breakdown. Your unit will be more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint. The cooling effect will improve as well as the humidity levels inside your home.

The Best Air Conditioning Service Company 

K&S Heating & Air has been serving the city of Dallas, TX for many years. We strongly believe that the best thing you can do for your unit is to have an annual air conditioning service. We understand the stress people go through if their air conditioner breaks down on a hot Texas day.

People may want to save money by skipping an annual air conditioning service, but a service will be of better value than having to call us out for an emergency repair conducted by friendly experts.