Ductless Air Conditioning Systems in Dallas, TX

Believe us when we say, K&S Heating and Air knows how hot summer can be in the Dallas, Texas area.  This is just one of the reasons why your comfort is one of our priorities. K&S Heating and Air certified professional technicians understand that not every home or business is the same and with that some come with more challenges than others with finding the ideal cooling solutions.  In some homes and businesses it just isn’t convenient or cost effective to have a conventional central heating and cooling unit installed.  Thankfully, there are solutions for this type of dilemma in the form of ductless air conditioning. We offer ductless air conditioning systems in Dallas, TX.

Ductless air conditioning, also more commonly referred to as mini-split systems are efficient and effective alternatives to traditional central cooling units.  Ductless systems are not only installed when space is limited but can also be much more convenient than conventional central heating and air. With ductless systems you do not need ductwork installed.  You have greater control over where conditioned air is being distributed as most ductless systems are established for only conditioning one or two zones.  Also, unlike conventional systems that control the whole house or business, if a ductless system breaks down and you have multiple mini split systems installed then you can continue conditioning other parts of the home or business while the broke down unit is being serviced.

A ductless air conditioning system is composed of two main components. These two components are the outdoor condenser and the indoor component.  The indoor component will typically be installed either on a wall or the ceiling.  The indoor component is connected to the outdoor compressor through a small, narrow copper tube that will run through the wall or ceiling to the outdoor compressor.   They are compact, efficient and the indoor unit is typically aesthetically pleasing and blends well with interior zones.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

More and more new home builds are going with ductless systems. A ductless system offers more control and energy savings than traditional central heating and cooling.  Below we go over a few of the benefits that you can expect from a ductless air conditioning system.

  • Convenient Operation– Ductless air conditioning systems are operated via a remote control. Unlike conventional AC systems that utilize wall-mounted thermostats.
  • Quiet Operation– Ductless systems also operate much more quietly than conventional systems without sacrificing any of the comforts.
  • Space Saving– Ductless systems are compact in design, making them especially more convenient in settings that do not have much space such as apartments, attics, basements, townhomes and room additions.

Ductless System’s Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems are much more energy friendly than conventional systems. Ductless systems offer more control over which zones in the home or business are conditioned. Since ductless systems require no ductwork and deliver conditioned air directly to the zone, the energy losses associated with ductwork is nullified.  These two factors will greatly decrease the energy usage in your home or business.

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When you choose to use K&S Heating & Air for your ductless systems needs you can rest assured in your decision as we are one of the leading experts in the field within the Dallas, TX area.  All of our professional technicians go through a rigid screening process, drug and alcohol tests before they are hired. Our technicians also stay up to date by continuing their education in the HVAC field by taking ongoing classes to help them stay on top of emerging technologies, techniques and innovations in the field.  All of this helps K&S Heating & Air provide you with the service you want and need. You can count on us to get the job done correctly, professionally and with your safety in mind.

Additional Air Conditioning Services

K&S Heating and Air’s professional technicians can take care of all of your air conditioning needs.  From providing general repairs to installations, you can count on K&S Heating & Air to provide you with what you need. Some of the following air conditioning services provided are as follows:

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