Prosper Evaporative Cooler

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the nice spring or summer weather with the windows and doors of your home thrown open but resist because you have your air-conditioning system on? If the answer is yes, you might already be searching for a Prosper evaporative cooler.

With a traditional cooling system that uses reverse cycle air-conditioning, you constantly have to keep the doors and windows shut, closing you off from the outside. With a Prosper evaporative air conditioner, the system will take warm, dry air and add moisture to it, making it feel cooler before delivering it throughout your home. This means you can enjoy fresh air flowing through your home with the doors and windows open while still remaining comfortable.

What You Can Expect with an Evaporative Cooling System in Prosper TX

K&S Heating & Air is the leading source of evaporative coolers in Prosper TX. Our experienced and professional team can offer you a better cooling solution that comes with benefits beyond fresh air flowing through your house. Here are a few things you will experience with a Prosper evaporative cooler:

  • No complex engineering. A Prosper evaporative air conditioner does not need refrigerant which means it’s a much simpler system than a traditional central air-conditioning system.
  • Less expensive to operate. Since it is a simple system, your new evaporative air conditioner in Prosper TX will be cheaper to run. The main component of the system is a fan, which means that there are not multiple appliances operating in order to sufficiently cool your home.
  • More natural and comfortable. A Prosper evaporative cooling system provides more humidity in the air than a traditional air-cooling system. If you suffer from dry, itchy eyes and skin, the added moisture in the air can ease these symptoms and make your home more comfortable for you and the entire family.

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