Richardson Central AC Repair

At K&S Heating & Air, our Richardson central AC repair team provides fast, quality service to ensure you have the finest quality air-conditioned comfort for your home.

Regardless of the brand of your system, or how old it is, our central AC repair in Richardson TX can address its needs. It can be difficult for a homeowner to determine when to make that call for service. When your air conditioner is down, you won’t have a choice! Make sure you are prepared for the long, hot Texas summer by calling for our AC maintenance services in Richardson TX.

Be proactive with our Richardson AC maintenance services

The K&S staff can do preventative maintenance to make sure your unit is completely ready for the cooling season. Our Richardson AC contractors will check your thermostat settings and educate you on the best way to take advantage of your thermostat’s features.

This is one of the best ways to increase energy performance. Cleanliness is another important factor. Changing and cleaning filters, cleaning the coil, making sure vents and ductwork are open and free of debris and lubricating the blower motor all improve the function and efficiency of your air conditioner. Let a Richardson central AC repair professional from K&S inspect, clean and repair your cooling system and get you ready for the heat.

Our AC contractors in Richardson TX can handle more extensive issues, too

There are times you need more extensive troubleshooting and repair work. Have you noticed that your air conditioner is popping circuit breakers or fuses? It could indicate a problem with your AC unit. Is the blower pushing out warm air or have you experienced a lessening in cooling capacity? These indicators imply that you are in need of service.

The team behind our AC maintenance services in Richardson TX knows that sometimes your system can simply give in. We are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Whether you need emergency Richardson central AC repair, or would like to schedule an appointment for a personalized quote, the team at K&S Heating & Air is ready to respond.

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