4 Common Air Conditioner Problems That Need Immediate Repair | Richardson, TX

4 Common Air Conditioner Problems That Need Immediate Repair | Richardson, TX

Every household has several types of equipment that need regular and routine maintenance to make sure that they keep working without any error.

These equipment mainly include air conditioning and heating systems as they not only are the most expensive home investments but also are the most likely to wear down in case of an improper upholding. Heating systems like boilers and water heaters need to be evaluated by repairmen to ensure that there are no gas leaks or broken thermostats.

Similarly, air conditioner repairs are much needed for air cooling systems across most homes in Richardson, TX. Air conditioners are fixed in places that homeowners can’t easily reach to determine the root of any problem and hence calling an air conditioner repair service is inescapable.

However, there are certain problems that can’t wait and require immediate attention. Therefore, it is suggested for everyone residing in Richardson, TX to keep track of the best air conditioner repair service in their neighborhood to avoid the last minute hassle of searching for one. Some of these common problems are discussed below:

1.     Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant, also called Freon is a chemical that cools the air circulating inside the air conditioner. In case of a refrigerant leak, the level of the chemical reduces which affects the machine’s ability to produce cool air. Unlike other liquid leaks, Air conditioner leaks can’t be evidently identified with a puddle of the fluid collected around a single spot. The only way to determine if the cooling equipment is facing any sort of refrigerant leak and your home needs an air conditioner repair is the declining cooling level even at lower temperatures.

An air conditioner that requires frequent refrigerant refills should also be checked by an expert as this could be the sign of a refrigerant leak. However, since the problem is mainly concerned with the core parts of the equipment such as condenser, evaporator and compressor it is never possible for a common homeowner to detect it themselves. It is therefore always suggested to call your nearest air conditioner repair service for their expert solutions.

Also it should be known that fixing a broken air conditioner doesn’t simply involve replacing the chemical but the technicians must detect all the leaking spots and fix their originating holes.  Since the air conditioner repairmen in Richardson, TX will have to perform an extensive service therefore this particular air conditioner repair is more time consuming and expensive than other fixes. It is very important to get a refrigerant leak fixed immediately as not only does it affect the system’s functioning but is also harmful to the surroundings.

2.     Polluted Filters

Nothing calls for an immediate air conditioner repair like clogged filters. With the dusty summers of Richardson, TX it is nearly unavoidable to get your air conditioners regularly maintained by a professional service nearby. A major reason for air flow problems and frozen coils is polluted and contaminated air conditioner filters. Dust, dirt, mold, cottonwood and other particles start to build up in the condensing coil of the air system and gradually lead to a weak cooling capacity and efficiency.

If this situation is let be it can also cause the entire unit to ice up, which means that ice will be collected about the copper lines both within and outside the system. As the air conditioner draws air into the system through the coil it is much needed to keep it clean for ensuring an effective service.

Unlike other air conditioner problems that are only detected after the system shows signs of a malfunction, a polluted air filter can be avoided from the very get-go. All a homeowner in Richardson, TX needs to do is to consider an annual maintenance for their air conditioning system. An air conditioner repair service will send their licensed technicians who will identify the level of contamination around the filters and diligently clean the filters and coils.

3.     Broken Motor

Another common air conditioner repair is required in case of a dysfunctional fan motor. The fan motor is a fan installed inside the air conditioning. Since the equipment is responsible for processing the heat towards the compressor it constantly endures extreme temperatures around the year and this calls for a routine appraisal.

The best time to go for an air conditioner repair is before running the machine during the summers in Richardson, TX to make sure that it is in a working condition. Since the electrical motors will be frequently exposed to  higher temperatures, running them under such harsh conditions can cause the wire insulations to fall apart. Such motor breakdowns ultimately cause a circuit shorting across the electrical setup of the house.

4.     Circuit Fuse

The most immediate effect of an out of order air conditioner can be witnessed on the circuit breaker. The broken circuits fuse result in an electrical short circuit. This means that the electricity that travels through an appropriate path will end up rushing the process which expands the level of electrical current that the wires can handle. This exceeding current stream causes the wires to swelter and produce fire in the circuit.

However, since the circuit breaker generally trips before things can get worse, it is advised for residents to quickly call their nearest air conditioner repair in Richardson, TX to fix the problem before fire erupts. Since the repercussions can be so severe, it is never a good idea to try changing the fuse yourself, if you haven’t done so before. For those who have some experience in changing fuses can replace the breaker after letting it cool down for fifteen minutes. But if that doesn’t fix the problem then there’s no other reasonable option available but to seek expert assistance.

The above are a few of the immediate air conditioner repairs that every household in Richardson, TX will need at some point or another. To make sure that you get the best service under such urgent situations, call K&S heating and air for their quick and effective air conditioner repair services.