4 Easy To Spot Furnace Issues That Call For Heating And Air Conditioning Repair | Rowlett, TX

4 Easy To Spot Furnace Issues That Call For Heating And Air Conditioning Repair | Rowlett, TX

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Furnace issues come up from time to time in homes. Though the disruption in heating or cooling can cause some major annoyance, the issue can run much deeper than just comfort. It can point to a system that’s breaking down in one way or the other, and it’s often difficult to tell the extent of the breakdown without having a professional take a careful look.

Fiddling with a furnace is certainly something to avoid in cases like this, as it may only worsen the problem. If the heating went off because the thermostat wasn’t on, for example, it’s far more important to have a heating and air conditioning repair professional check it out than it is to just get your heat back on for the time being.

This is even more crucial if either winter or summer is approaching, as you’ll need to know how your HVAC system will hold up during the season.

Read on to find out more about heating problems that you may experience with your furnace in your home, along with the functional or structural issues they might be pointing to within your system.

1. Thermostat Problems

This tends to be the most prevalent problem, meriting the first-place attention we are giving to it on this list. The most common way thermostat issues manifest themselves is through automatically switching off without an easily observable reason why. When this happens, you will find yourself having to turn your thermostat on time and time again.

A thermostat problem is in itself simply one blanket issue that could in turn be springing from or pointing to any of several more specific issues. The battery is one place to start when trying to discover what the exact problem is. If the battery doesn’t have enough batteries within it to run, the problem might just be stopping there. Still, having a heating and air conditioning repair service come to take a look is the best way to be sure that’s all you need to worry about.

If the problem is markedly increasing in frequency, however, there’s a high likelihood that the problem is electrical in nature. The smartest and safest move at this point is to have an HVAC professional visit your Rowlett, TX home and carry out repairs. The sooner you are able to arrange this, the greater the chance that you will avoid long-term damage to your thermostat and prevent several knock-on issues that can make repair more costly.

Even after the problem is fixed or even if you are not having this exact problem, it’s crucial to bear in mind that your thermostat plays a key role in your heating, meaning checking how it’s holding up every once and again will avoid hassle for you in the long run.

2. No Heat 

You might be experiencing an issue in which your thermostat is failing to provide heat, driving you to turn the thermostat up all the way to resolve the issue. This is a clear sign that a heating and air conditioning repair professional needs to look into the problem further to get it resolved. This kind of issue only gets worse the more you leave it, and it can be responsible for greater damage within your furnace.

Even if you are not having to turn your thermostat all the way up to get heat out of your heater, you might be able to notice the first signs of this problem. These tend to include certain heat settings, particularly the lower ones, giving off less heat than they did before. Again, it can involve the higher settings not giving off as much heat as they previously did, essentially meaning that the maximum heat you can get from your heater has been reduced.

Call a heating and air conditioning repair service at the first sight of the problem, even if you are only experiencing its early stages in your Rowlett, TX, home.

3. An Air Filter That’s Always Dirty

If you are not changing your air filter regularly, this is your reminder that that’s an essential part of keeping your furnace in a functional state. If you have been carrying out this practice, it’s beneficial to you to keep track of how much dirt is in the filter. Additionally, you should be noting how long the filter is taking to build up dirt. Anything faster than one to three months is not a good sign.

It’s always hard to ascertain the exact cause of the problem until a heating and air conditioning repair professional has had a look at the furnace and other fixtures in your home. An air filter that builds up a lot of dirt quickly tends to point to a severe problem with indoor quality, though, so that might be a good starting point.

4. Flickering Pilot Light

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to find that their pilot light keeps flickering. This might happen until it suddenly turns off by itself or the homeowner just forgets about it. While this might be an easy problem to ignore, it’s highly advisable that you call a heating and air conditioning repair professional, who will then shed more light on the cause.

There’s a decent chance that the flickering pilot light is indicative of a problem that you are best off finding out more about. Some causes can be dangerous and the sooner heating and air conditioning repair service makes it clearer what’s really going on, the sooner you can reclaim your peace of mind.

Even if the flickering hasn’t occurred in at least several days, calling a heating and air conditioning repair service is the best way forward, since cessation of the flickering doesn’t automatically point to the underlying problem having disappeared.

Whichever of these four problems you are experiencing, a call to a heating and air conditioning repair service you can trust is the next best move you can make to get your furnace fully operational again. Call us at K&S Heating and Air and we’ll eagerly get that done for you.