4 Effective Ways to Increase the Life of Your HVAC System | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

4 Effective Ways to Increase the Life of Your HVAC System | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

Living in Dallas, TX where you have to face extreme weather including hailstorms and tornadoes is not an easy job. Your entire life can be put on hold if you can’t handle the fluctuations in the extremities of the weather.

The weather outside your home is something you can never get a grip on however, you can have absolute control over the temperature that’s inside your home.

The heating and AC system in your home gives you this control. Every room in your house can have its own setting with the help of the thermostat that comes with it. However, maintaining the HVAC unit also required effort. There are times when your heating and cooling system just stops working and you end up paying for a huge loss with respect to its repair or replacement.

You can easily avoid these expenses and prolong the life of your heating and AC system by following a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at the necessary measures that will keep your HVAC system up and running for a long time!

1.     Take Care of the Air Filters

In any air conditioning service, the air filters are paid special attention to. They regulate the air in your home. Every particle of dust and dander that is inside your house has to go through the filters. In a city like Dallas, TX windy days are a normal occurrence which can make it very hard for the filters to keep the air in your home clean for a long time.

Soon, the filters get clogged with dirt and you find yourself looking for heating and AC repair companies that could help your air conditioner function well.

There are easier and much less costly solutions to fix your air filters. You can call a heating and air conditioning repair company to have the filters cleaned out or replaced instead of having them inspect the whole system without any reason.

You can easily know when it is time to replace your filter.

Most filters have instructions on their boxes about the period after which these need to be replaced. Some of the filters need monthly replacement, some need quarterly and other high quality filters in Dallas, TX can work just fine with biannual or annual replacement as well.

When you have an idea about their replacement time, you can just call the best heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX to replace them. They will check the filters and if they feel there is no need to change them, they will simply clean the filters, unclog them and you will be able to use them again without any major expense.

2.     Let the Vents Stay Open in All Rooms

Most people in Dallas, TX have a habit of closing vents in the rooms of their houses which are not occupied for the time being. They do it as they think it keeps their vents clean. However, it has entirely opposite effects. The lack of use adds mold to the vents and when you finally open them when you need it, your air conditioner malfunctions.

As a result you consider air conditioning repair services without realizing all you needed to do was keep your vents open. The life of your HVAC system increases when the vents stay open on a regular basis. The flow of air keeps them functioning at full capacity. Residents of Dallas, TX always need their HVAC system to work at full capacity to have normal living conditions.

3.     Maintain Your System Annually

Make sure you call heating and AC repair service every year so that your HVAC system does not go unchecked for a long time. This regular maintenance keeps you well informed if your system has sustained any damage over the years. Especially, if you get hit by a Dallas, TX storm, it becomes imperative that you have your system inspected for any defects.

This saves you from major problems in the system. When you can identify small issues quickly, you can take quick action against them. This keeps your system patched up and working well for years as you prevent any major damages to it.

In case, your HVAC system suffers from a major damage, these regular inspections will identify the major damage and allow you the time to arrange for funds to fix these. You will not have to deal with any damage on an ad hoc basis. You can plan the restructuring of your whole system according to your convenience. Perhaps, you will be able to obtain funds from your Dallas, TX bank as loan for fixing your system. With sufficient time, the loan can come through to solve this major issue and give you your desired temperature again.

4.     Protect the Outdoor Unit

As Dallas, TX has many tornadoes and hailstorms, the HVAC condenser suffers most damage from the external environment of the house. Even in mild environments, the condenser has to cope with dying leaves, dirt and debris outside the house. In such rough weather, this situation is simply amplified. You need to make sure the condenser is not affected by any of the things that will affect its working.

A good heating and cooling service provider can easily clean out the condenser, the space outside it and the parts inside it including, its fan, the grill covering it and the coils inside it that are quite hard to reach without appropriate equipment.

An expert heating and cooling company in Dallas, TX like K & S Heating Air has a professional heating and air conditioning repair crew, who will not only make sure the condenser stays spotless but also inspect each part of it to see if it hasn’t been damaged under the effects of the storm.

In fact, you can avail many services such as air conditioner installation and everything related to its repair and maintenance from their well trained team. A dust and mold free HVAC system can last for decades! Be sure to protect the investment of your life with great care.