5 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Air Conditioner Repaired | Rockwall, TX

5 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Air Conditioner Repaired | Rockwall, TX

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An air conditioner that runs optimally is an asset. It helps cool the home when temperatures soar and keep home energy costs down. It maintains a certain degree of comfort necessary to perform daily household routines. Without air conditioning in places such as Rockwall, TX, people would swelter during the hottest months of the year.

When a person cares for their air conditioner, it lasts longer. Regular check-ups and maintenance ensure that it turns on and works well just as soon as you need it. Specific problems cause an AC unit to function poorly. To better understand what signs to look for, we’ve listed some of the most common issues our customers encounter with their air conditioners below.

There are times where you know that you need to hire an air conditioner repair technician to service your unit. You can visibly see, hear or smell a problem. Having a professional replace filters, replace refrigerant, and test the air conditioner before turning it on for the first time during the season is ideal. It ensures that there isn’t a bigger problem to deal with once you do.

When It’s Time to Contact an AC Repair Company for Help

Air conditioner problems vary in degree of severity. Some are a quick fix, while others involve more work from an heating and ac company. If you need to call someone continuously to service your AC unit, it may be in your best interest to replace it with a newer model. Air conditioners over ten years old are good candidates for replacement services.

Five signs pointing to you needing an air conditioner repair are:

  1. It’s making a sound when it’s turned on. It knocks, vibrates forcefully, or emits a high-pitched noise. Each sound could indicate that there is a problem with a part that helps the air conditioner work properly. Most air conditioners make little noise. If something doesn’t sound right, investigate to see if it’s coming from inside or outside the home so you can tell the air conditioner repair person where to look for the problem.
  2. It emits an odor when in use. If it smells like something’s burning, it’s time to call a service technician STAT! It’s only a matter of time before the air conditioner quits completely. A Rockwall, TX technician specializing in AC repair will diagnose the problem and give you a cost estimate.
  3. It blows hot air. An absence of freon could be the culprit. So could a dirty filter. Having the air conditioner serviced regularly prevents it from becoming filthy and low on refrigerant, two of the main reasons why an air conditioner blows hot air. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing the settings on the thermostat. They may not be set to cool like you initially thought they were. Checking the status of the thermostat before calling for air conditioner repair can prevent a technician from coming out and making a wasted trip to your residence.
  4. It leaks water or freon. A faulty or missing seal could be the cause of the leak. It’s one air conditioner repair that is necessary to schedule because the problem could severely damage walls and flooring. If you notice the AC unit dripping or leaking, turn off the machine and contact a professional right away. Doing so will prevent further damage from occurring to the unit and your home.
  5. It does nothing to help the humidity levels inside the home. Despite feeling cool air blowing from the unit, it’s humid indoors. It could be due to a leak or an incorrect setting on the air conditioner. Checking to make sure its set to cool is the first step in remedying the issue. If it is set to the right setting, locating the source of a potential leak is what you should do next. If you find one or cannot get the humidity levels down on your own, contact your HVAC service right away.

AC repair services are a real asset. They allow you to team up with a professional to identify the problem at hand and come up with a solution that works well for your home. Rather than take a chance on the problem growing in magnitude, you take the steps necessary to address it right away while a technician can still fix it. Replacing a part or a filter is far less of an expense than having a brand-new air conditioner installed.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Who Specializes in Air Conditioner Repairs

Many benefits come with establishing a relationship with an air conditioner repair company. First, you get to know the technicians and the quality of excellent customer service they provide. Next, you’re taking the best care of your air conditioning unit that you can by extending its lifespan and preventing costly repairs.

Last but not least, you’re creating a comfortable environment for everyone who resides or visits the home by keeping the temperature and humidity down. In Rockwall, TX, it gets hot. Luckily, heating and ac technicians put in hard work, maintaining and repairing your AC unit, so you don’t feel the heat on the hottest days of the year.

Regular cleaning around the unit can prevent dust and dirt build-up, too. You should make tending to your air conditioner part of your regular cleaning routine by dusting and vacuuming its vents out using the handheld attachment of your vacuum cleaner. If you have spare filters available, checking the filter inside the unit every few weeks allows you to keep the air quality inside the home at safe levels for everyone to breathe.

Take Care of the Problem with Air Conditioner Repairs Today Before It Worsens

Air conditioner repairs in Rockwall, TX needn’t stress you out. Contacting K&S Heating & Air with details about your issue helps it get resolved quickly. Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding cities is our specialty. Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service right away. We mean every word of our motto, which is “Fast, Friendly, Fair Prices, Too. K&S Heating and Air Takes Care of You”.