5 Smart Ways to Keep AC Thieves at Bay | Air Conditioning Service in Rockwall, TX

5 Smart Ways to Keep AC Thieves at Bay | Air Conditioning Service in Rockwall, TX

As the summer season approaches, you may hire an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX for repair and maintenance of your AC system. Regular maintenance keeps air conditioners in optimal condition and cut down on repair costs. But did you take actions to protect the expensive heating and cooling unit from burglars?

AC units attract thieves like nothing else. They may sometimes be interested in stealing the entire unit, but thieves usually prefer taking out the external metal case and metal coils only. This way, they are able to make around $100 a day, but you may end up spending a huge amount to replace the unit.

In order to prevent theft of your expensive AC unit, you should contact an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX. Here are a few ways they can help you keep your air conditioning system safe and sound:

1.   Be Smart with Placement

Be wise when it comes to the installation of your heating and cooling unit. You don’t want to install it at a location where it’s easier for burglars to damage or steal it. It will mitigate the risk of AC theft and you won’t have to call an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX often for repair work.

If you live in a city, install the AC unit out in the open. Since the passersby can easily see it, thieves won’t come near it to avoid getting caught. They would rather look for safe targets where there’s a lesser risk of getting caught.

On the other hand, if you live in a remote area, it won’t be a wise decision to place the outdoor AC unit at an obvious location. You should rather hide it at an unlikely place to keep thieves at bay. If you decide to install it on the rooftop, make sure you don’t leave ladders out in the backyard. An air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX can guide you on how you can protect your AC system from thieves.

2.   Install Outdoor Lights

AC units are stolen by organized gangs as well as drug addicts who need money for substance abuse. It’s important to note that thieves don’t want to get caught, which is why they target the areas that are less secure during the night or abandoned. This is the reason why churches, schools, and nursing homes are their major targets.

You can keep thieves at bay with the help of an outdoor security system. For this purpose, you should consider installing floodlights in your lawn as well as the backyard. It’s likely that thieves would stay away and won’t bother you if your yard is illuminated. It’ll deter burglars and save you from the efforts of calling an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX to replace the unit.

3.   Get CCTV Cameras

Another effective way to minimize the risk of AC unit theft is to monitor the outdoor space at all times. With the help of CCTV cameras, you can efficiently keep an eye on your AC unit and keep it safe from burglars. If they somehow steal it, you’ll have sufficient evidence to report them.

It’s better to be proactive and prevent theft in the first place so as to avoid contacting an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX for AC unit repair or replacement. When you buy CCTV cameras, you should also consider signing a contract with the security company. This way, they will monitor the premises at all times and take appropriate actions in real-time if they notice that an intruder is trying to damage your AC unit.

It can also benefit you to install security alarm with motion detection sensors to further secure your AC unit. If you already have an alarm system for your home, ask the vendor to expand it for keeping thieves away from the AC unit.

4.   Secure Electrical Panels

While thieves want to make money by stripping down your AC unit and selling off copper wires and metal scrap, they don’t want to get electrocuted. Therefore, before they attempt to remove or damage the system, smart thieves always disconnect the outdoor AC unit system from the electrical panel.

A professional air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX can help you secure the disconnect box or electrical panel. The higher the risk, the less likely it is that thieves would try to steal your AC unit. You can either use a padlock or get an electronic lock for added safety.

5.   Secure Your AC Unit

Make your heating and cooling unit less tempting for burglars by enclosing it with a cage or metal fences. The more difficult it is for thieves to access the AC system, the less likely it is that they would try to damage it and you won’t feel the need to call a professional air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX to replace it.

You may try to buy and install a metal cage to secure the AC unit on your own, but if you have no idea how the air conditioner works, you may end up buying a cage that restricts airflow. It’ll allow dust and debris to accumulate and will significantly reduce the efficiency of the system. As a result, this will increase the repair expense and also decrease the lifespan of the expensive machine.

To be on the safe side, you should contact an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX. Not only they can effectively secure your AC unit, but also make sure that it is able to breathe and works at its best.

With the help of the aforementioned simple yet effective actions, you can make your air conditioner less prone to theft. Get in touch with a reputable air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX, K&S Heat and Airtoday to secure your AC unit.