5 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills While Using the Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Repair in Irving, TX

5 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills While Using the Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Repair in Irving, TX

Air conditioning systems have become a necessary part of almost every house in the United States. It is crazy to think that a few decades ago they were considered luxury items and used to cost a fortune. Now they aren’t only cheap, but they also cost much less to run as well (only if you use them the right way).

Air conditioners are complicated machines that are made from the combination of several electrical and mechanical components. Therefore, they require constant maintenance and care in order to perform at peak condition for a long time. Taking care of them will certainly lessen the chances of calling air conditioning repair in Irving, TX.

Air conditioners consume a lot more energy than almost every other home appliance at your home. You will suddenly see a spike in your energy bills after installing an air conditioner in your home. However, there are certain ways in which you can use this cooling machine in the most economical way possible.

If you follow the instructions mentioned below, then you can significantly lower the impact of air conditioners on your energy bills:

1.   Keep the AC at a Low Temperature throughout the Night

No matter how hot the region is where you currently reside, the temperatures drop after the sunset. The temperature keeps on dropping throughout the night up until the sun rises again. Therefore, it is better to set the thermostat at the highest temperature possible. It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but your body will get used to the temperature after a few minutes. Avoid the use of blankets or comforters during the hot summer days. Instead, use a thin sheet of cloth to cover yourself or simply don’t cover at all. The high temperature of the air conditioner will be comfortable enough to provide you with a good night’s sleep.

An air conditioner consumes the lowest energy when operating at a high temperature. Therefore, you will be able to save a lot of your valuable money on the energy bills using this method. If there is no significant change in the energy bills, then you need to get your air conditioner looked at. Call the best air conditioning repair service in Irving, TX to determine the problem.

2.   Use Individual Units

If you have multiple rooms in your house, then you might want to consider using individual units for each room. Since some of the rooms stay empty throughout the day in most homes, the energy used by the air conditioning system to cool them is basically wasted. Placing individual units in each room will only let them consume the energy when required. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of your hard-earned money on the energy bills.

Individual units are available in the form of small slit units and window air conditioners. Choose the best one for your rooms. Get each of these air conditioners serviced annually by calling the best air conditioning repair service in Irving, TX.

3.   Close Off the Unused Vents

If installing individual units seems to be too much work and cost for you, then you can simply try conserving the energy by closing off the unused vents. Make sure all the unused vents in the empty rooms are closed throughout the day. Many houses with basements also have vents opened there. Technically, you don’t require air conditioning vents in the basement since it is the coolest part of the house regardless of the outside temperature. Therefore, keep the basement vents closed at all times unless you really need them.

Closing off the extra vents will divert the cool air to the opened area only. In this way, a lot of energy can be saved. If you still don’t see lower energy bills after attempting this, then you need to call for air conditioning repair in Irving, TX as something might be wrong with your air conditioning system.

4.   Perform Regular Service

Experts recommend that you need to service your air conditioning system at least once every year. The best time to get your air conditioning system serviced is the spring season. Make it a part of your ‘spring cleaning’ process. Call the best air conditioning repair in Irving, TX to get your air conditioner serviced.

Air conditioning service includes inspection of each mechanical and electrical component. It also includes a thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside units. Regular service makes sure the air conditioning system is in top condition. An air conditioning system in better condition is highly economical, and it will let you save a lot of money on the energy bills.

5.   Get Your Ducts Examined

Ducts are the main source that leads the refreshing cool air to your home. You need to make sure they are in the best condition possible; otherwise, a lot of valuable cool air will be wasted. The ducts should be properly insulated and there should no leaks in them. Leaks will cause the cool air to escape and then the compressor will have to work extra hard in order to deliver the required temperature. This will lead to the high consumption of energy, and you will certainly see the impact on the bill.  Therefore, to avoid such catastrophe, call for air conditioning in Irving, TX and fix your vents if there are any faults in them. If your vents are on the rooftop, then you need to insulate them properly with heat reflecting insulation. This shiny silver insulation avoids the outside temperature interference and saves you a lot of money on the bills.

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