6 Signs You Need New Air Conditioner Installation | Garland, TX

6 Signs You Need New Air Conditioner Installation | Garland, TX

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AC units are crucial companions in your home throughout the spring and summer as they help you to regulate the temperature quickly. Just like your computer, air conditioning units can have issues maintaining the right temperature, too, as they get older and fall into disrepair, particularly if you’ve been avoiding regular maintenance. Unexpected inconveniences such as your AC unit not working when you need it the most can be resolved either through an air conditioning repair service or through a new air conditioner installation. To help you decide between the two, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 signs you need a new AC system to help you get through the warmer weather.

1: Your AC System Is Old

Unfortunately, air conditioning systems don’t last forever. However, you can get air conditioners that last up to 15 years, although most will last closer to a decade. Even if properly maintained, your AC won’t last forever. If you stay in the same Garland, TX home for most of your life, you’re likely to need a replacement air conditioner installation a few times. Even if your system is well looked after, it will fall prey to old age, and it’s not wise to push a unit past its 15-year lifespan.

2: Repairs Are Increasingly Common

One tell-tale sign that you’ll soon need air conditioner installation is repeat call-outs for replacement parts. Suppose you’re noticing that you need to book repairs every summer. In that case, you’re likely close to the end of your AC unit’s lifespan, and it’s often more economical to purchase a new AC installation than it is to repair failing components over a short period consistently.

3: Inadequate Cooling

If you’re having trouble getting your air conditioner to act right, find yourself running your air conditioner almost continuously to experience cooling, or you can’t seem to get your room temperature to match your thermostat; your unit is inadequate. Sometimes, insufficient cooling capabilities stem from installing an incorrectly sized unit for the space you want to cool. Still, it can be down to a lack of maintenance that has severely affected components in many cases.

A limited to no airflow, for example, can be related to clogged pipes and ductwork. A broken thermostat will also cause your AC unit not to work well or not work at all. Not only will this make you feel uncomfortable as your home isn’t being cooled, but your AC will be under additional stress and is more likely to experience failures in other parts of the system too.

It’s always best to get an air conditioner installation expert to assess the system you’ve chosen before installing it, so you’re not wasting time, energy, and money on a system that is not fit-for-purpose in your household.

4: You Hear Strange Noises

While it’s expected to hear the odd, strange noise throughout your home, if they’re more pronounced when you’re using your AC during the spring and summer months, your air conditioner unit may well be the cause. Most air conditioners are designed to work at low dB, so you should barely notice an increase in noise levels when it’s running if all is working correctly. A faulty AC unit may exhibit rattling, grinding, banging, and even squeaking noises, which will need a professional’s help to fix. In many cases, these strange noises are signs that your air conditioner has fallen beyond simple repairs. These noises are common signs of a severe internal issue, and your HVAC technician will likely recommend a new AC installation.

5: Your Energy Bills Are High

While higher energy bills may well be the cause of energy company price hikes, if you know your utility provider is not responsible, then it’s time to take a look at your AC. If you find yourself paying more for running your AC than in previous years or receive an astronomical energy bill part way through the warm season, you’ll want to remedy the issue sooner rather than later. These costs will only get worse over time if the cause remains unaddressed. AC units can produce a lot of heat, especially if there are issues with the ductwork or internal components. Upgrading to better equipment and opting for a new air conditioner installation will negate these issues and allows you to install a more energy-efficient system.

There have likely been several advancements in the air conditioning industry since you have installed your original air conditioner unit, particularly if that was close to a decade ago. To get the most of your system, choose an air conditioner installation that meets or exceeds Energy Star standards. Also, have your HVAC technician examine your ductwork as faults in this area can result in an additional 20-30 percent energy loss.

6. You Notice Strange Odors

Air conditioners, when in their prime, should produce neutral, unnoticeable odors. If you notice an acrid, smoky, or burning smell, you will need a repair specialist and likely a replacement air conditioner installation. Musty smells can also originate in your AC unit and is an indicator of mold. While air conditioners can create moisture as they operate, those that work effectively are built to handle water well. Moisture build-up in your AC will not only make it underperform but can be responsible for mold growth that may cause additional damage.

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