6 Things That Can Ruin Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

6 Things That Can Ruin Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

The hot, humid Texas climate calls for air conditioning 24/7, especially during the sweltering summer. So the last thing you would want is for your air conditioner to stop working, ending your one and only source of blissful cooling inside your home or office. Having no cooling in one area of a house or office makes everyone uncomfortable and irritated. You can open the windows but that might risk any insects or humid air coming in. The best choice for you to do is call in a professional for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX to inspect and repair.

Here are 6 things that can make calling a professional for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX necessary:


1.   Filter

One of the major reasons why air conditioners stop working or have faulty cooling is a clogged and dirty filter. You can either change the filter but not everyone has the instruction manual or the right know-how to do so. It is better to call in someone for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX and get it serviced. Some air conditioner filters need to be changed every 1-3 months while others are reusable and need to be cleaned. Either way, you will need someone with an expertise on how to change or clean filters and that can only be done if you call in someone to take a look.


2.   Thermostat

Either the temperature is too low or warmer than usual, despite being set on the temperature you wanted. If you are noticing that the cooling temperature is going haywire like this, then there is some issue with the thermostat that needs to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, your electricity bill will become quite high. Thermostats also get ruined if one adjusts the setting frequently, especially every day. You can reduce your electricity bill 20% to 30% if your thermostat settings are kept efficiently. Your repairman that comes for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX will tell you how to keep the thermostat right and fix the problem immediately.


3.   Refrigerant Leaks

When air conditioner coolant leaks, the air flowing out is not that that cool. This causes a warmer temperature despite the thermostat being set on low. The indoor air of the air conditioner uses the refrigerant to let the heat out. If that is not working, then the heat will not be expelled resulting in a warm room. Refrigerant leaks are pretty easy to detect. Once you do, you can call in a technician for your air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

4.   Drainage

Drainage can be a major problem if not sorted out immediately. It can get clogged and dirty, just like the filter. When the drain pan gets dirty, it clogs up causing the water to leak from the air conditioner. This will not only damage the AC but the room’s walls or anything surrounding it as well. You will need an expert technician to come for your air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.


5.   Condenser Coils

By now, you must have noticed that any air conditioner component that accumulates dirt and grime starts becoming faulty sooner or later. This applies to its condenser coils as well.  The dirtier the coils, the harder will it be for the air conditioner to function at its full potential. This will lead to more wear and tear and eventually the breakdown off the air conditioner. A trained technician coming to you for an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX will be able to sort this by cleaning or even changing the condenser coils. Your air conditioner will be good as new and working properly again.


6.   Save Energy

Everything you do impacts the environment in one way or another. Do you know that by saving energy through reduced use of your air conditioner can save the environment and your energy bill as well? That’s right! Just get an automatic thermostat for your air conditioner that has presets for when to cool and when to switch off. You are out of your home for work anyway and it runs for no reason, wasting a lot of electricity. Be a responsible citizen by reducing your carbon footprint.


What Can You Expect When You Call Someone for Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX?

If you think you need a qualified technician for your air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX, then you are on the right track as there are many benefits of doing so.


Professional Service — You will be given a full service and everything will be checked from A-Z by a trained air conditioner repairman. The difference between a professional and a DIY person is quite vast. A professional knows each and every air conditioner component and model and their function. A layman will try to look up solutions online and try to MacGyver a fix. This is not really a good idea because it usually ends up making matters worse.


Easy on the Pocket — Any good technician coming for an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX will tell you if it needs some repair work or a replacement. Hence, you will not have to pay thousands of dollars on repair work. The prices are always reasonable and according to the value of the service so rest assured that you won’t get ripped off.


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