The 7 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Faced by Homeowners in Plano, TX

The 7 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Faced by Homeowners in Plano, TX

In Plano, air conditioning is nothing short of a necessity and things can get pretty unbearable if your A/C starts to malfunction or stops working. If you don’t address the problem with your air conditioner early, then air conditioner repair in Plano, TX can be quite costly. Also, it is always a good idea to have your A/C regularly inspected and maintained by a professional air conditioning repair service in Plano, TX. This will help you to avoid future problems in your air conditioner that can be a burden on your wallet.

However, despite regular inspection and maintenance, problems can occur in your air conditioner. So, you should be prepared for them and one way to do that is having the number of an air conditioning service in Plano, TX stored in your phone. A major problem, a malfunctioning air conditioner can make life tough in Plano tough, especially during the summers.

Spending the day or even night in your home can become uncomfortable for you if your air conditioner stops working properly. For this reason, ensuring proper maintenance such as cleaning your A/C and changing its air filter is important. However, A/C maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you will stay clear of air conditioning problems and you may still require the help of a service that performs air conditioner repair in Plano, TX. Here are some common air conditioning problems that homeowners in Plano, TX may face.

1.     Problems with the Filter

One of the most common air conditioning problems faced by homeowners in Plano, TX is a dirty or clogged filter. Just like every other thing, air filters have a useful life and they must be replaced after that period has expired. To know how often you should change your AC’s air filter, refer to the manufacturer guide that came with the air conditioner.

While replacing air filters every- one to three months is required in some ACs to get the air conditioner working properly again, cleaning the filter in other ACs can do the trick. Filters often get dirty. So, check your filter once every week and clean them if required. Another problem that can occur in the filter is clogging. By restricting airflow though the A/C, a clogged filter can not only decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner, but also reduce its ability to emit cool air.

A good way to determine if your filter is clogged and requires cleaning is calling a professional service that performs air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. By identifying and fixing the problem with the filter, the professionals will ensure that your air conditioner is working properly again. However, don’t wait for your air conditioner to develop a problem before you attend to its filters. If you haven’t cleaned your AC’s filters in a while, then now is a good time to do that. This is in your own best interest.

2.     Low Refrigerant

A chemical that chills the air within your air conditioner, refrigerant needs to be at certain levels to ensure your AC works properly. A leakage or other problem with the refrigerant system is indicated by low refrigerant levels. There is a good chance that your refrigerant system has a leak if you AC needs to be recharged with refrigerant. It is important to get refrigerant leaks identified and repaired by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX. The temperature will fluctuate and your air conditioner will stop working properly if the refrigerant system starts to leak. The cost of the repair will depend on the location of the leak.

3.     Dirty or Blocked Registers

Vacuum the registers of your air conditioner regularly to get rid of any dust buildup if you have a forced air heating and cooling system. Also, ensure that furniture and other objects aren’t affecting the flow of air through the registers. It is advised that you don’t perform this activity yourself and instead call in a professional service that performs air conditioner repair in Plano, TX.

4.     Non-Functioning External Fan

Another problem that can occur in your air conditioner is a non-functioning external fan. The external fan of the air conditioner is responsible for transferring the heat from your home to the outside air. If the outside fan of your AC stopes working or starts to malfunction, then the transfer of heat won’t occur properly and this may cause the AC compressor to overheat and trip the safety overload. And, sometimes it can lead to internal damage in the compressor. So, if your AC’s external fan has stopped working, get it fixed by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX immediately.

5.     Thermostat Set Inappropriately

Have a programmable thermostat? If yes, then ensure that it’s programmed at a comfortable temperature when you’re at home and higher when you’re away. Also, you can save money by increasing the temperature on your thermostat. However, you don’t get this luxury with window units and you may have to experiment with your thermostat settings to set it to a desired temperature. It is recommended that you don’t do this on your own and instead call in a service that performs air conditioner repair in Plano, TX for the job.

6.     Frozen Coil

Another problem that you air conditioner can develop is a frozen coil. Generally, problems with airflow such as blocked return air ductwork and dirty air filter is what a frozen coil indicates. Low refringent is also a reason for a frozen coil.

7.      Faulty Wiring

Faulty A/C wiring is often the cause of malfunctioning or inappropriately working air conditioner. Not only does faulty wiring affect the working of your AC, it also poses the risk of fire. For this reason, getting your air conditioner checked for faulty wiring by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX is important.

There you have—the seven most common air conditioning problems faced by homeowners in Plano, TX. If you’re face with any of the above problems then get in touch with K&S Heating and Air in Plano, TX right away.