7 Different Smells That Call for an Air Conditioner Service in Richardson, TX

7 Different Smells That Call for an Air Conditioner Service in Richardson, TX

Do you have a troubling smell coming from your home? Does the smell tend to get worse when you turn on the air conditioning system? If yes, then you are suffering from a major flaw in your HVAC system and might have to get the services of a professional in this regard. It is extremely necessary that you take the required action and don’t just ignore the smell. The smells could accumulate to create bigger problems for you later on, adding to the reasons why you should look towards getting the requisite solution implemented.

Here we have mentioned some of the causes behind the weird smells that you can smell from your air conditioning system. Have a look at these causes and see what you can do about them going into the future.

Mold and Mildew

If there is excess moisture and humidity in your HVAC system, then you could end up with the creation of mold or mildew in your ductwork. The creation of mildew or mold in your ductwork could eventually mean that the air coming through the ducts isn’t really clear but is smelly. It could also present certain health hazards that might impact you and your family members. The best course of action here is to have a professional perform an air conditioner service in Richardson, TX.

Whoever you call up for the job will fix all possible issues, replace HVAC filters and improve drainage to put an end to the problem. It is necessary that you follow this service with major tune-ups down the line as well, so that you don’t experience this problem anymore. When you are running your major air conditioning tune up in spring time, ask the professionals to look after full cleaning as well. This inspection will clear your drain lines, detect any growth of mold or mildew and clean all evaporator coils.

Cigarette Smoke

If you are accustomed to smoking indoors then you will have to go through the hassle of smelling stale cigarette smoke all across your home. The smoke you puff out while smoking cigarettes accumulates in the filter and stays there. When you turn the air conditioner back on, the air coming through the filter will smell of stale cigarettes. This can really be irritating and you would want to look for a solution.

The solution to the problem mentioned above lies in having an air conditioner service in Richardson, TX. Ask the person running the service to specifically look at this problem. They will change your filter and clean all ducts to take the smell away. Going into the future, you can stop this by smoking outdoors, or just not smoking at all.


If something within the system smells like it is burning, then it probably is. It could be anything, from a wiring issue to an overheating motor, but you must recognize the smell and close down the system from the breaker box as soon as possible.

This burning smell may at times even be similar to gunpowder, which can happen due to a short circuit from the AC circuit board or fan motor. If this burning odor continues to persist, then the best modus operandi for you will be to evacuate the house and contact the fire department. At times, the plastic components burning inside will even give a smell similar to rotten fish or rotten eggs. If you can smell something burning, then you can evacuate the home and call the fire department or any emergency service.

After the emergency services you called have deemed it safe for you to reenter the home, you can call and schedule an appointment for an air conditioner service in Richardson, TX. A HVAC technician will come and take care of any mechanical issues with the air conditioner and set it up again for you. However, it is necessary that you recognize the smell and don’t just ignore it, because electrical issues in the air conditioner can lead to a lot of problems going down the line.


Sewer gases can often climb up back into your home through the passage of your ducts. These sewer gasses find a way back up because of dry P-traps. However, regardless of the reason behind the rising gasses, you should get the system checked straightaway from a professional. Sewer gases can be really detrimental for you and your family, which is why you are better off not smelling them inside your home.

Rotting Carcass or Dirty Trash

If you have a dead critter inside your duct system, then the smell will soon become impossible for you to ignore. You will soon find it almost impossible to ignore the smell of the carcass coming up. The quicker you are able to detect this decomposition, the better it is for you.

If such a smell comes your way, then you should follow the following points to get the job done.

  1. First thing you need to do is to turn the AC system off.
  2. Next, open all the doors and windows around the home to provide ventilation and to ensure that the smell doesn’t stay for long.
  3. Call a professional HVAC expert to take care of the servicing and cleaning of the ducts.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

Never ever ignore the distinct smell of rotten eggs within your home. The smell could be coming from natural gas leaking from somewhere. Since natural gas itself is odorless, manufacturers are told to add a specific smell that smells like rotten eggs to it. If you sense this smell coming through then do the following:

  • Do not operate anything electrical
  • Do not operate matches
  • Put all open flames out
  • Open all windows and doors for ventilation
  • Call an experienced professional for a service

If you need an air conditioning service in Richardson, TX then you can contact K&S Heating and Airfor the job. These guys are experienced and know what they’re doing.