7 Reasons a Ductless HVAC System is Perfect for Your Lewisville, TX Home | Air Conditioner Installation in Lewisville, TX

7 Reasons a Ductless HVAC System is Perfect for Your Lewisville, TX Home | Air Conditioner Installation in Lewisville, TX

The weather in Lewisville, TX is quite unpredictable. In addition, many of the houses here are very old. They barely have the capacity to sustain anymore renovations. This leads to the need for installation of an HVAC system that does not require them to add ducts to the house.

Therefore, a ductless system is much more preferable for the residents of Lewisville.

Let’s have a look at a few of the factors that make this system most preferable for your Lewisville, TX home.

1.     Easy Installation and Operation

Many times an air conditioner installation in Lewisville, TX proves to be very expensive as they need you to make structural changes in your homes. These changes take a lot of investment. However, a ductless system does not require any major expense.

In fact, it functions exactly like a central system while being attached only with your ceiling or your wall. You can avail both heating and cooling by just adding a heat pump to it and fixing thermostats in each of the rooms to avail a cost-effective solution for both your summers and winters.

2.     Appropriate Size

Heating and AC in Lewisville, TX is a truck load of work if you have to work with ducts. Ducts are hundreds of feet long and they must be cleaned and insulated on a regular basis so that the system can provide you excellent performance.

When you are working with a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about extra work or the unnecessary space the whole system might cover. The entire system can be fitted inside a 3 to 4 bedroom house without difficulty. All they need to do is make small holes in the wall for certain wires and the installation job is done.

3.     Quiet and Environment Friendly

Many heating and air conditioning repair companies in Lewisville, TX install or upgrade your system in such a way that it creates a very noisy environment for you. That usually happens because ducts are involved. A ductless system does not make any noise. You will not notice the existence of an HVAC system unless you feel the temperature changing accordingly.

Most of the heating and AC repair companies in Lewisville, TX agree that their job of fixing the system becomes much easier when there are no ducts. Generally, when repairmen get called in to work on systems with ducts they simply end up cleaning out the ducts, sealing them and making sure they are not leaking out any air.

In the process, they can’t give enough attention to other parts of the system that may be malfunctioning unless you have asked them to do a full inspection of the system, which would increase your repair costs. The ductless system keeps their attention on other components of an HVAC system making their job quite convenient without the hassle of cleaning needs.

4.     A Cost Effective Solution

As this is a system where there is no separate furnace and a heat pump is simply added to the air conditioning service, the residents of Lewisville, TX find it much more attractive than other systems. They can save a huge amount of money for availing the heating option that just requires the addition of a heat pump. Several people, who live in a small residence and have no use for a large unit anyways, can benefit additionally from the duct free system.

5.     Supports Light Structures

Other than old structures, there are buildings, apartments and houses which are quite light in their construct. Most air conditioning repair services in Lewisville, TX fear that they have to spend a lot of time in making sure they do not end up damaging someone’s home in the process of fixing their HVAC system. This can be avoided quite easily in homes with a duct free system. The heating and air conditioning repair can be carried out with comfort in this system as its parts are very few.

6.     Better Indoor Air Quality

Lewisville, TX is a dusty city. Around the year, its residents face the issue of poor air quality. However, they can combat this nuisance with arrangements for their indoor air quality. The indoor air can be cleaned through installation of air purifiers which comes as an additional option in the air conditioner installation. However, in homes where there is heating and AC system depending on ducts, the air quality is further deteriorated sometimes due to the ducts not being properly and regularly cleaned. This adds to the problem of bad air.

In ductless systems no such issues arise as there are no ducts to get dirty. The air remains pure and clean to breathe. In fact, many ductless systems have a multi-stage filtration component that allows them to clear out allergens and bacteria from the air much more efficiently than other systems.

7.     Get it Installed in One Day

Another great thing about a ductless system is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get installed since it is fairly small unless you have more than 4 rooms and all need to be covered in it. However, you can consult the best heating and air condition service in Lewisville, TX to install it in a matter of hours. K & S Heating and Air is fast, reliable and affordable. It has a team of professionals that will not only set up the most efficient duct-free heating and cooling system in your home but will also be available at your doorstep whenever you need them to fix it!

Getting an HVAC system and keeping it well maintained is a very difficult job. You have to consider several factors and keep in mind the many things that could affect it. This s why simplicity is preferred over many other things while installing these. A ductless system is quite simple to install, operate and to repair. It saves you money and your time. If you have an option to do so, choose the system that gives you best comfort at minimum cost both in terms of time and money.

Installing an HVAC system for your home is a lifelong decision so make sure you take a wise one!