7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Heating And AC Repair | Rowlett, TX

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Heating And AC Repair | Rowlett, TX

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Seasons keep changing in Rowlett, TX. One time it’s summer, the next time it’s winter. Whenever each season approaches, you can’t help but hope that your heating and AC system is in good working condition. It’s normal to assume that everything with your HVAC system is okay as long as your home is cool, but harsh seasons like winter and summer can really put it to the wall. It’s imperative to prepare for these seasons by thoroughly inspecting it and ensuring it’s in top shape.

If you’re a local resident our experienced technicians can check your system’s condition to see if there’s a looming problem. It’s also essential for you and your household to know some of the signs you need heating and AC repair. Here is all you need to know.

Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow is a sign that your AC isn’t working as efficiently as it should. Probably, there’s a blockage preventing air from circulating through your home’s ductwork. The blockage could be due to clogged air filters or a broken motor.

Consider purchasing an energy-recovery ventilator if insufficient airflow is a recurrent problem in your home. It can boost your air conditioner by circulating fresh air as stale air is produced each time your system cycles. Your AC can also benefit from zoning systems, allowing air to flow as it should and directing the cooling power where you need it most.

A heating and AC repair technician can help facilitate this and guide you through the process so that you can easily do it yourself the next time.

Refrigerant Leak

Heating and air conditioners contain a refrigerant, which is responsible for the heating and cooling effect. After installation, the AC is filled with a refrigerant to keep it running as efficiently as possible, but a leak can occur and cause the refrigerant to drop below the required amount. A heating and AC repair technician can remedy this problem by recharging the refrigerant and fixing and repairing any leaks.

You must understand your HVAC unit’s manufacturer specifications on the correct amount and type of refrigerant to be charged. A pro HVAC technician should be able to interpret those instructions and charge your unit with the proper type and amount of refrigerant to prevent the problem from recurring.

Clogged Filters

A filter’s job is to remove debris and dust from incoming air to prevent them from reaching the ducts. It does an excellent job for a while, but the accumulated particles restrict airflow into the ducts with time.

Be sure to change the clogged filters at least once per month or as per the manufacturer’s specification. Note that your filters’ lifespan depends on the filter’s size and the amount of dirt in the air coming into your house. Our HVAC repair experts can inspect your air filters and advice on whether to clean or replace them. They can also guide you on where to get them fast and keep them as efficient as possible.

Blocked Ducts

When dust gets past clogged AC filters, it winds up in the ducts, causing them to block. It especially penetrates through if the ducts are too small or narrow. For instance, if you’re in an old building, it’s common to have birds, insects, and rodents build their nests in ducts.

It’s also possible for cracks or holes to develop on the duct’s walls, leading to air leakages. All these issues contribute to reduced airflow.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to detect blocked ducts if you’re not a professional. The only way to tell such is by looking for signs such as a dusty home, higher than usual electric bills, and inadequately cooled rooms.

If you notice any of these signs, consult a professional for expert heating and AC repair. One of the available solutions is sealing the ducts with metal tape or a mastic sealant.

Bad Compressor

A compressor is a core part of the heating and AC system. It circulates the refrigerant and compresses it to liquid, then dumps it outside into the condenser. Once the gas is compressed, heat is created, causing the fan inside to draw air on the sides and then pass it through cooling coils and out of the unit.

The compressor can get obstructed by debris and leaves that accumulate around the coils. Clogging the coils with such particles can cause your unit to function inefficiently, affecting airflow. The first step to preventing this blockage is to clear the area around the compressor and the condenser unit.

During heating and AC repair, be sure to ask your technician to check on the compressor to avoid more damage from happening. Otherwise, a bad or malfunctioning compressor will most likely need replacement, and it’s quite costly. Your heating and AC repair specialist will advise you on whether to buy a new one or repair it.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, your heating and AC repair expert can analyze your unit and find that it’s malfunctioning because of something as simple as a faulty thermostat. Such only requires the thermostat settings to be rectified.

Oversized AC Unit

An oversized AC unit is more of a problem than you can imagine. It’s normal to assume that the bigger, the better, but that’s not the case. Units with a large capacity than the installed area are inefficient because they keep cycling on and off, lacking time to remove enough humidity from the air and resulting in an uncomfortable and stuffy home.

With the above information, you can now tell when your unit needs attention from a professional and experienced heating and AC repair company. Although it’s recommended that you call a professional in most cases, issues such as a tripped circuit breaker or a wrongly-set thermostat are things you can try to handle on your own.

Our heating and AC repair services in Rowlett, TX, are there to ensure you enjoy the comfort of your home no matter the season. Our experts at K&S Heating & Air go through various training sessions in a year to get you the service you deserve. Contact us today for all your HVAC installation, repair and maintenance needs.