7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System | Heating & AC Repair in Frisco, TX

7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System | Heating & AC Repair in Frisco, TX

According to data from the Department of Energy in United States of America, half of the total annual utility expenses are made up of heating and cooling bills. Thus, chances are that you are like the rest of USA, also paying half of your utility bills on heating and cooling. This high expenditure on this specific type of energy makes a central air conditioning system the biggest contributor to the energy expense of the typical American home.

Since homeowners don’t know a lot about air conditioning systems, they don’t realize when and what repairs to run either. Air conditioner repairs in Frisco, TX are not only neglected, but most homeowners would say that they haven’t had one during the entire lifetime of the air conditioner. An air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX would not only make you aware of all the components present in a system, but will also help reduce the risk of your air conditioner suffering major damage once warmer weather comes around.

While air conditioner repairs can be helpful, an average homeowner needs to know the work that is required to cut down on the costs incurred in this direction. Reducing the energy usage of your air conditioner will substantially reduce your energy bills since this is one of the biggest contributors in the overall expense. With major economic benefit on the cards, it is best that you understand the things that you should always check to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

In this blog we will update you with 7 air conditioning tips that are bound to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system. These 7 tips will have long lasting effects and will eventually make you an energy efficient citizen.

Outdoor Condenser Units

The outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioning system has a very important role to play in setting its overall efficiency. The outdoor unit is often exposed to dirt and other particles from the changing elements of the weather. Keeping in mind the rough condition of this equipment, it is best that you get an air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX to take care of this matter. If you find dust particles in your outdoor condenser unit, you are probably suffering from an inefficient air conditioning system.

Set Automatic Controls

How many times have you realized that you failed to turn off the thermostat while no one is in the house? Everyone has made this mistake and has had to suffer with amplified energy bills as a result. Schedule an air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX and get a solution for this problem for once and for all through the implementation of a programmable setup where the conditions for the air conditioning system go on and off based on your schedule.

Get Energy Efficient

The equipment that you currently have in your home for the air conditioning system may not be the most energy efficient and might even be ripping you off to a certain extent. The solution to this problem is to have an energy efficient system that offers a higher SEER rating. Research suggests that you can almost double or triple the return on investment made through reduction in energy bills by replacing an old air conditioning system with outdated equipment for a better modern system. Contrary to what was the rating for units build almost a year ago, SEER ratings for equipment tends to be around 14 to 18 today. Always conduct an air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX before making this decision. Also consult your technician in advance.


Insulating your home can lead to great benefits when it comes to saving on your energy bills. You might be losing out on a lot of conditioned air because of the poorly insulated walls in your home. The solution for this is to get better HVAC efficiency by trapping in the air that is produced. By adding insulation to walls, pipes, outlets and ducts, you can save a lot on the energy costs. Get this air condition repair in Frisco, TX done by a seasoned technician and you would be good to go in all departments.

Tweak Your Thermostat

You need to have control over your thermostat to reap efficient results from the system. Setting the thermostat a little closer to what the temperature outside is will help you save quite a lot of money and will eventually increase your energy efficiency. When warmer weather comes by, a thermostat set at 75 degrees will eventually consume up to 18 percent more energy than another one that is set at 78 degrees. Moreover, setting the thermostat at 72 degrees burns 39 percent more energy than setting the meter at 78 degrees. Try turning the thermostat even more when you feel that people may not be present. A programmable thermostat can help save energy here, as it sets an energy efficient parameter on consumption.

Change Air Filters

Air filters are often responsible for damaging the reputation of energy efficiency at your home. Since air filters get clogged on a regular basis, your equipments have to run longer and consume more power to compensate for the clogging when it happens. Filters play the role of trapping dust before it can enter and damage parts. When the filter is clogged, you might experience a slowing unit due to the accumulation of dust on motor parts and the fan blades. This will eventually signal an increase in the power consumption due to deteriorating parts. Schedule an air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX to change your air filters.

Clear your Drain Line

Mounted above the furnace present in your basement is a drain line. This drain line is responsible for draining water and can get clogged at times. The clogging may block the flow of water in the drain, which can reduce the efficiency of your system and can also endanger the structure of your house. Schedule an air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX and clear the drain line with the help of a professional technician.