A Small Guide To An Air Conditioning System and New Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

A Small Guide To An Air Conditioning System and New Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

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Air conditioning systems last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Your air conditioning system may last a little longer than that with proper maintenance. At some point, air conditioning systems do become less and less efficient. This is in part due to the complex nature of the air conditioning system. Similar to a car that stops running well after hundreds of thousands of miles, the air conditioning system will become less efficient as well. When this happens, you can either replace weathered-down components of the air conditioning system to restore efficiency or opt for a new air conditioner installation. Whichever you choose it’s important to hire a licensed HVAC service provider for all of your installation and repair needs. If you live in or around the Mesquite, TX, area, and are in need of an installation or repair, contact K&S Heating and Air for urgent or regular HVAC system maintenance services.

Whether you plan on replacing your air conditioning system or simply replacing some parts, it can be helpful to understand how it works and what type of air-conditioning systems are available today. You may decide you want to upgrade and replace a couple of parts or simply replace the whole thing. Whatever you decide to do, it is important to get the full picture. It may also benefit with a professional air conditioner installation and repair provider before deciding what route is best for you to take on this matter.

How Your Air Conditioning System Works

All air-conditioning systems work the same on a very fundamental level. There are many types of air conditioning systems, however, all air conditioning systems need these 5 components to function properly. These 5 components include the evaporator coils, refrigerant, air ducts, fans, and the compressor. These 5 components are essential to the proper operation of your home’s air conditioning system. This is true for all air conditioning systems. If an air conditioning isn’t working properly or has become inefficient it could be due to the faultiness of one of these components. These components can usually be replaced in certain air conditioning appliances. If this is the cause of your air conditioning system malfunctions it may be best to opt for repair inf stead of a new air conditioner installation.

All of these components play a vital role in the operation of the air conditioning system. The refrigerant is a chemical exactly like the coolant used in cars to keep engines cool. The compressor is responsible for recycling the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. The fans cool the refrigerant after it has absorbed the heat and humidity from the air. The air ducts are a means of transformation for the cool air to be directly pushed into your home. This process requires all of these components to be in good working condition in order for cold air to be produced. If your air conditioning system isn’t pumping out hot air or isn’t doing so efficiently it could be one of these components. If you believe these components aren’t in order you should contact an HVAC system technician for urgent air conditioner repair. It’s best to fix things urgently in order to prevent further damages from occurring. If your air conditioning system is past the age of 15 years you may want to hire an HVAC technician for new air conditioner installation instead. If you do, you should consider all of your options before making such a huge investment. If you live in or around the Mesquite, TX, area, and are considering a new air conditioner, contact K&S Heating and Air for all of your air conditioning service needs.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are many different types of air conditioning systems to choose from. Some may work best for you while others may not for others. The types of air conditioner installation you decide to get should be determined based on the type of lifestyle you want to lead and the type of home you want to live in. If you plan on getting new air conditioning ensure your air conditioner installation is conducted by a licensed professional to prevent any installation malfunction or mishaps from occurring. Air conditioning systems are valuable assets that need professional handling to ensure it is properly maintained, repaired, and installed.

Portable Air Conditioning Systems

The portable air conditioning system is an air conditioning system you can move via wheels. This type of air conditioning system is the least expensive to install and doesn’t typically require professional installation. The drawbacks of a portable air conditioning system are the fact that a window must be open in order for this to work. This can be a safety hazard if other security methods aren’t put in place. These air conditioning are also not efficient enough to cool large spaces or rooms. A portable air conditioning system may bode well in a very small room; however, these air conditioning systems do not have far-reaching range. The upside to this air conditioning system is that it is perfect for temporary dwelling or homes without the infrastructure for other types of air conditioning systems.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems may be the most popular air conditioning systems in the U.S. These air conditioning systems are one of the more convenient air conditioning system options and typically have heating included in the entire system. The installation of central air may be the most expensive option. However, air conditioner installation of a central air unit can raise the value of your home by over the amount of $5,000 dollars.

Central air conditioner installation is a major renovation project that requires the installation of air ducts throughout the entire home. Once your central air conditioning system is installed it should have it maintained on a regular basis to increase longevity and maintain efficient operation. Doing so will protect this investment and extend the lifespan of this system. Once a central air conditioning system is installed, it will be easier to replace small parts and make adjustments to this appliance in the future. You can essentially keep a central air conditioning system for a lifetime with minor tweaks and the occasional major repair from time to time.

If you live in or around Mesquite, TX, are, and are in need of air conditioner installation or repair contact K&S Heating & Air for all of your HVAC service needs.