AC Water Leakages | Heating and Air Condition Service in Mesquite, TX

AC Water Leakages | Heating and Air Condition Service in Mesquite, TX

Water leakage resulting from an air conditioner is one of the most frequent problems faced by homeowners. However, not many people truly understand the fundamental reasons behind the problem. Similarly, people do not understand how significant it is to get this problem fixed by employing the heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX.

Most people believe that water leaking problem is an ordinary and frequent issue and does not require immediate attention. In fact, water leakage of an air conditioner should not be considered as a normal issue as it undoubtedly indicates a major fault in the functioning of your air conditioner.

It is true that your air conditioner condenser releases some amount of water as it works but what necessitates hiring the professionals of a heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX is the quantity of leaked water.

For instance, if the leaked water quantity is not much then you can take this as a normal situation. But if there are abnormal amounts of leaking then do not wait further and plan the visit of the best heating and air condition service, Mesquite, TX.

What causes an air conditioner system to leak excessive water?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a fine line between a usual amount of water leak and an unnecessary water leak that explicitly indicate an air conditioner fault

So when should you hire the experts of a heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX?

Well, if you are operating the air conditioner during the summer season and the water leakage is only of a size of a small puddle, also instantly drying up, then it is something normal and you must not worry. But if the water leaking is constant throughout the day then you certainly need professional assistance for the repair of your air conditioner system.

But the question is; what causes this water leakage problem?

Well to assist you in this regards, let us dive deeper into the main reasons for the water leaking issue of an air conditioner.

Inappropriate drain line connection

The call for the assistance of a heating and air conditioner service in Mesquite, TX may be explicit when the cause ofthe water leakage is the unseemly drain fitting. This is a concern that is normally observed after installation of a new air conditioner system and when performed installation is not done efficiently.

Also, when an air conditioner system is not properly installed, the drain line fitting starts to loosen gradually. This disconnects the drain line from your AC unit and causes the AC condenser to start leaking water. This leak occurs through the ceiling as well as on the floor. So at any time,you face such a condition, especially after a new installation of air conditioner system, get it repaired without delay in order to avoid further damage.

Blocked or unclean air filters

As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX, the air filters of the air conditioner unit is the most abandoned componentsof the unit. As a homeowner, we hardly pay any consideration towards air filters’ cleaning even though the negligence generally leads to serious AC faults

For example, a blocked air filter obstructs the airflowwhich causes your air conditioner to fight in order to maintain a consistent temperature inside the room. This finally leads to higher utility bills and recurrent need for repair or maintenance by employing a heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX. This can also lead to total breakdown of your air conditioner unit.

So try to keep the AC air filters clean. You can maintain it by cleaning the filters at least once every month and by replacing every three months. Remember when the air filters are blocked, they accumulate ice on your AC evaporator coil, due to obstruction of airflow. Slowly the coil starts to get cold and end up freezing. However, once it starts melting it end up as water leak from the unit.

Low refrigerant level

Another main reason for a leaking air conditioner unit is the low level of refrigerant. AC refrigerant is the basic chemical; in charge of temperature fluctuations as it getsexposed to different pressure conditions. It swiftly moves and make transitions from a gaseous to a more liquid state and then back to normal state. It moves both through the compressor as well as an evaporator coil.

When you hire a heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX, they make sure the refrigerant level is appropriate at the installation time. They make certain your unit’s best performance by ensuring the sufficient level of refrigerant. However, if the refrigerant level is not enough, evaporator coil ultimately freezes. Next, when ice starts to melt, your air conditioner unit starts leaking.

So if you are thinking what causes a low level of refrigerant then you must know that there are two main reasons for this. These reasons include basic refrigerant leak and improper installation of the unit. Moreover, the refrigerant leaking could also be due to the decayof copper tubes containing refrigerant.

What should be done?

If the damage is done or if you are looking for a professional heating and air condition service in Mesquite, TX to resolve the water leaking issue then head over to K&S Heating and Air right away. They provide quick ac repair service in the Mesquite, TX. Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling the most complex air conditioner issues.

K&S Heating and Air offers a knowledgeable team that you can employ for usual repair and maintenance of your ac unit. Furthermore, in the case of an urgent situation, you can also take their immediate assistance by calling on their helpline number.