Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX: Let the Proven Experts Handle the Task at Hand

Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX: Let the Proven Experts Handle the Task at Hand

Thanks to global warming, temperatures have steadily been rising, not just in the US, but also pretty much all over the world as well. In the sizzling heat, the AC is a veritable oasis in the desert. And this is why many people have opted for the installation of AC units in their home in areas where summers have become almost unbearably hot.

We can safely deduce that the installation of an AC unit in your home or workplace is pretty much the need of the hour. However, deciding to install an AC unit and to actually do the needful yourself is an entirely different question. This is because it is a pretty complicated task and requires the skilled manpower that specializes in installing AC and HVAC units. In fact, only top-notch professionals who have a lot of experience in Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX, should be hired for this job. If you were to attempt to do this yourself, the odds are that you might botch up the attempt, and it will lead to a lot of stress and worry on your part to clean up the mess. And even then, you will have to call in the experts in Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX. This is primarily because it is only such highly trained and skilled experts who alone will be able to effectively make sure that the AC unit remains fully functional and also continues to perform as well as it should throughout its extended service life.

Of course, if you are a technician yourself and have the technical knowhow of masonry work, plumbing and electrical wiring, then you can undertake Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX.  But if you do not have the relevant expertise, it is always deemed prudent to step aside and let the real experts do the job. Always remember that the old adage “penny wise and pound foolish” still holds as true today. It means that by trying to save a few bucks and doing the job on your own, you might end up damaging the masonry of your home or even the brand new AC that you have purchased with so much pride just now. There are a few steps with regard to Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX. Let us check them out one by one:

•  The Installation of the Outdoor Unit (In Case of a Split AC)

When installing the outdoor unit of your all new inverter technology equipped split AC, it is important that you should have at least twelve inches of full ground in order to ensure optimum performance. Apart from that, the unit should also only be installed in an area that is both airy and well ventilated a. Selecting the location is also necessary to make sure that the unit is as far away from direct sunlight as possible. In fact, it is desirable to construct a little canopy on top in order to ensure that the unit is protected from the elements. This holds particularly true in areas that have to contend with heavy snowstorms and rainfall.

•   Installing the Ducts and Pipes

You should also make sure that the professionals who are responsible for Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch thoroughly double check all the wires, the ducts the pipes and also their associated protective covering so that there can be no leakage of refrigerant gas, cold air and electricity from these ducts. It makes a lot of sense to pay extra special attention to the wires because an exposed wire can potentially inflect life threatening injuries to anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with it.

•   The Installation of the Indoor Unit

The various experts at Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX, will ask you for advice with regard to the exact placement of the Indoor unit. However, it is standard practice to allow these experienced technicians to decide on their own where precisely the indoor unit should be placed. Apart from direct sunlight and any heat source, there are few issues with regard to the placement of the indoor unit. As long as there is a foot wide gap in the area surrounding the indoor unit and the unit is at least 7 feet above the ground, it is good to go.

The good people who are responsible for Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TXwill see to it that the unit itself is quite firmly mounted on the wall and not on the beam or the pillar.  Making holes in these structures can easily compromise the structural integrity of the house, and even if you tell them to mount the AC on a beam, the odds are that they will refuse to do so. After all, your safety is their foremost priority.

In the light of the above, it can be seen that for Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX, you have to hire the right people for the job. If you have any queries regarding your air conditioner’s installation, as well as service and repair, then you can call the well -tested and proven experts at They have a lot of experience in Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX, and will definitely know what they are doing.