Air Conditioner Installation: Why Is It Best To Get It Done Professionally? | Air Conditioner Installation in Rockwall, TX

Planning to get your old air conditioner replaced or getting an additional one for your place? Have you decided how to get it installed? Many individuals opt to do the installation done themselves, instead of going for professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX. While this might seem like a good idea, it could be a major mistake on your part.

If you are hoping to save some money by installing the air conditioner yourself then you need to understand that it could actually lead to costly repairs if even the slightest thing goes wrong. Moreover, it can even damage your new air conditioning unit. Even if it might appear you have successfully installed the unit, issues might start appearing later on. Your unit would not be performing to its full efficiency without you even realizing it. This is because the process of installation can be complex and should be conducted by a professional.

Opting for professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX would prevent such problems, enhance the efficiency of the unit, and would also make sure that you take full advantage of your newly purchased air conditioning unit. Still not convinced? Read on to learn why it is important to get a trained professional to install your air conditioning unit.

Six Major Reasons You Need Professionals for Air Conditioner Installation

Getting your air conditioner replaced or investing in a new one is a huge investment to make. Therefore, it is important to get your new unit professionally installed to ensure maximum efficiency of the air conditioner.

Avoid trying to install the unit yourself as it can result in reducing the efficiency level of your unit, might cause damages to certain parts of the unit, and could also increase your energy bills.

Following are the main reasons why you should opt for professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX:

1.   The Right Sizing

Professional HVAC installers have gone through proper training and have the right experience to determine which size of the air conditioner would be suitable for you and fit your home. It is essential that you get the right size as it will affect the cooling of your home.

It can be hard to determine the right factors involved in selecting the right size, which is why consulting an expert is always recommended. A unit too big or small will only result in wastage of money, time and effort. A professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX will ensure that the energy levels and settings of the unit are suitable to properly cool your place.

2.   Enhanced Longevity and Efficiency

The installation of an air conditioner is a detail-oriented process. It includes steps like handling electric wiring, seals and bolts for proper installation. Trying to install the unit yourself without proper knowledge and the right tools can result in compromising the unit’s efficiency and you might even end up damaging some parts. This can further decrease the longevity of the unit and increase the chances of costly repairs.

3.   Guaranteed Service

Professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX would offer guaranteed service of quality and improved efficiency. In case a mistake is made by the installation team, they fix the problem promptly, whereas a DIY installation means you are solely responsible for any issues that occur and to pay the repair and damage cost if any problem occur.

4.   Increased Safety

Installation and maintenance of HVAC systems is a difficult task. Trying to install or repair an air conditioning unit yourself could prove to be risky without proper tools, training and gear. It often involves sharp blades, precision and electricity to proper install a unit. Even a minor mistake can prove harmful to you and your house. Avoid putting yourself, your family and your property at risk and opt for professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX.

5.   Adequate Refrigerant Levels

The most essential factor that must be kept in mind when opting for air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX is the right refrigerant level of the unit. If the levels are not adequate, you would be wasting not only your energy, time but also money when it comes to energy bills. Trained professionals know how to set the right refrigerant level to run the unit efficiently, since you need professional tools and proper understanding of the unit. Adequate refrigerant levels enhance the efficiency of the unit and reduce the energy bills.

6.   Properly Sealed Ducts

You might think duct tapes could be enough to seal the ducts of an air conditioning unit, but that is not the case. Numerous DIY enthusiasts opt to secure the unit’s ducts with duct tapes. However, a professional air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX would include proficiently sealing the unit’s duct.

The ducts of a unit are an integral part of the entire air conditioning system and to make sure it works properly, the ductwork must be carefully done throughout the house. Otherwise, there would be higher chances of leaking air, resulting in the unit working extra hard. This will in turn drastically add to your energy bills and gradually wear your new air conditioner out. Therefore, it is important to opt for air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX to avoid issues with the duct work.

If you are looking for a trained professional for air conditioner installation in Rockwall, TX then contact K&S Heating and Air. Our team includes experienced, qualified and well trained technicians who would ensure your air conditioning unit is installed properly. We have licensed professionals who understand the importance of the right way of installation. They will guide you with investing in an air conditioning unit that is suitable for your house. Moreover, our team also offers annual maintenance services to keep your unit running smoothly and without any issues. This will further help in preventing any potential costly repair, leakage, or other issues with the unit, while also reducing the cost of your energy bills. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have your new air conditioning unit professionally installed.


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