Air Conditioner Repair For Summer | Garland, TX

Air Conditioner Repair For Summer | Garland, TX

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Summer in Garland, TX is hot and humid, with temperatures often above 90 degrees during the day and over 70 degrees during the night. This is not a good time to have your air conditioner unit break down. It is important to have a reliable air conditioner repair company to call in case things go wrong.

The higher the temperature the greater the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Most at risk are young families, senior citizens, and those with health problems. It is not only families that need such a dependable service, but companies also need to keep their employees safe too, and many have valuable merchandise that needs to be kept at low temperatures.

In an emergency, you want somebody to help you as soon as possible. It is no use to you if an air conditioner repair company is not open for business late at night or at weekends or holidays. If you want someone who offers a professional service and is ready for emergencies 24/7 when you need K&S Heating & Air.

Air Conditioner Problems

Normally air conditioners are very robust pieces of equipment, but they do need some regular love and care in the form of an annual service. Many components will need periodic cleaning and replacing. Without regular service, you will increase the risk of having a breakdown and an air conditioner repair.

Evaporator Coil has Frost and Ice Forming On It

Evaporator coils have a volatile coolant liquid flowing through them. Warm air is extracted from a room and blown across the coils. Heat will be removed from the warm air and transferred to the coolant. This heat energy will change the coolant from a cold liquid into a warm gas. The warm air is now cooled and blown back into the room.

If too little warm air is blown across the coils, then frost and ice will start forming on them, and may even cause the coil to freeze completely. If the coil does freeze you should turn the AC unit off and allow it to thaw. If not the other components in the AC unit will have to work harder to compensate. This increases the wear and tear on the system, reducing its useful working life and increasing your energy bills.

As the evaporator coil starts to freeze it will become less efficient and blow out less cold air. Other factors that will reduce the airflow are dirty air filters and blocked air return grilles. The air filter needs to be replaced regularly, if not small particles of dust and pollen will enter your AC unit and will decrease the air quality in your home.

Any dirt on the coil will reduce the heat exchange between the warm air and coil, and it will need cleaning periodically. Regular servicing from K&S will help avoid these problems and reduce the need for an expensive air conditioner repair.

Coolant Is Leaking

If you can hear a hissing noise or smell a sweet, chloroform-like odor then coolant is probably leaking from your AC unit. Without enough coolant passing through the evaporator coil, there will be less cool air coming from the unit.

The coil may also start to freeze resulting in the other components having to work harder. If the coil is freezing continually, you are eventually going to need an air conditioner repair from K&S.

Dirty Condenser

The condenser is essential to the air conditioner process, together with the cooling fins it transfers the heat from the warm coolant gas to the outside air. The coolant gas now changes back to a cold liquid and continues its way through the AC unit.

Being outside the condenser and cooling fins will get covered in a layer of dirt and grime. This layer will reduce the rate at which heat is transferred and make the condenser less efficient. Moss and weeds may also grow on the condenser and cooling fins and will need to be removed with regular cleaning.

Damaged Fans

Fans will blow warm air over the evaporator coil and cooler outdoor air over the condenser and cooling fins. Any dirt on either component will reduce the airflow and their efficiency. A faulty fan will also reduce the airflow over these components. If you hear any strange noises coming from the AC unit, they could be due to a faulty fan or its motor.

A fan needs an electric motor to run, and these can overheat and burn out. A screeching sound could mean that you have a worn-out fan belt. Any strange noises coming from the AC unit could mean a breakdown is imminent, putting off an air conditioner repair could damage the unit more seriously.

AC Drain Line Is Blocked

An often-overlooked point of failure is the AC drain line. This line carries the excess moisture from the AC unit to the outside. Moss and mold can grow inside the drain line and block it. The excess water will now back up into your home and may form puddles around the AC unit.

You may also notice that the humidity in your home increases and you could experience the unwelcome smell of mold. if your AC unit stops working on a cold day it is worth checking the drain line to see if it has frozen. It could save you ringing for an air conditioner repair.

The Best Air Conditioner Repair Company in Garland, TX.

Many of the problems outlined in this article can be avoided with a regular service from one of K&S Heating & Air is highly skilled technicians. After service to your AC unit will be running more efficiently and you can have greater peace of mind during those long hot summer months.

In case that you need an air conditioner repair, we have people on standby 24/7. While it is important to have somebody around quickly in an emergency, it is just as important to have qualified technicians to perform repairs on all types of makes and models of air conditioners.

Whatever, your emergency, please call K&S Heating & Air today.