Air Conditioner Repair | Wylie, TX

Air Conditioner Repair | Wylie, TX

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K&S Heating & Air knows how hot and humid it can get in Wylie, TX, and your safety is our top priority should anything go wrong with your air conditioner. Often temperatures can reach over one hundred degrees and with humidity levels just as high, it is no wonder that most people’s air conditioners are on day and night. With this workload, your unit is more likely to break down and need an air conditioner repair, but how can you avoid this happening?

So How Do You Avoid a Breakdown?

We at K&S Heating & Air recommend that your air conditioner has an annual service as we believe that this is the best way to avoid a breakdown. Times are hard and you may be tempted to miss this service to save a bit of money.

This would be a mistake; the cost of a service is a good value compared to the hundreds of dollars you are going to have to pay for an emergency call-out and air conditioner repair.

The routine service will pay for itself as it not only ensures your unit is running safely but also more efficiently, reducing your energy bills. The service gives you peace of mind as you will be less worried about a breakdown occurring.

What Could Go Wrong with Your Air Conditioner in Wylie, TX?

Without regular servicing, the wear and tear on each component will eventually lead to a breakdown. If you keep a lookout for the following signs, you can avoid the need for an emergency air conditioner repair. If you have not had a service, it may be a good time to consider one.

Your Unit Is Short-Cycling

Most air conditioners will have a cooling cycle that lasts about twenty minutes, and this ensures efficient cooling in your home. During this cycle, the compressor is switched on for ten minutes and then off for another ten minutes. Short cycling occurs when the compressor prematurely switches off, resulting in a lesser cooling effect.

There are many reasons for this and include dirty air filters, evaporators coils that are starting to freeze, and low levels of coolant in your unit. The annual service will deal with these causes by replacing dirty air filters and topping up coolant levels. But if you think that your unit is short cycling, please call K&S Heating & Air straight away. Avoiding the problem will only make things worse and lead to a more expensive air conditioner repair.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing Unexpectedly

As you use your air conditioner more during the summer you expect to see your energy bills go up. But should they go up too much, a problem within your unit may be behind the increase? If any component in your unit is overworking for any reason, it will use more energy and your bills will increase.

For instance, a dirty air filter will reduce the warm airflow over the evaporator coils. This reduces the cooling effect and forces other components like the compressor into working harder to compensate. Any harder working component is also more likely to break down and need an air conditioner repair.

Reduced Cooling Effect

The coolant in the evaporator coils removes the excess heat and humidity from the warm air inside your home. To work effectively, the coils need a constant supply of warm air to be blown over them. Any problems with the fan or coils will reduce the amount of cool air blown back into your home.

Humidity Levels Are Higher

If the level of cool air is reduced, then the humidity levels inside your home will also increase. Moisture is removed from the warm air as it cools because water begins to condense at lower temperatures. The warmer the air the more humid it will feel.

If you notice puddles of water pooling around the base of your air conditioner this too could explain the increased humidity levels in your home. As the warm air cools the moisture condenses as water in the drain pan inside your unit. The water in the drain pan will flow outside your home through the AC drain line.

Mold and algae find ideal conditions to grow inside the AC drain line and drain pan and could cause them to block. Water will overflow the drain pan into your air conditioner and then onto your floor. The water could cause an electrical short and you will need an air conditioner repair.

You Notice Strange Smells Coming from Your Unit

The growth of mold and algae in the drain pan and AC drain line could explain any moldy smell inside your home. A burning smell is more serious and could potentially be the source of a fire. If you detect a burning smell, you should turn off your air conditioner and call K&S Heating & Air immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Strange Noises Coming from Your Unit

A strange noise can be very disturbing, but all air conditioners will make some noise. As they get older, they will make even more noise. A screeching noise is likely due to worn fan belts or bearings within the fan motor. Any damaged or bent blades on the fan could be striking parts of your unit and make very loud banging noises.

Call us for an air conditioner repair, the quicker you act the less damage will occur and the more affordable the air conditioner repair will be.

You See Frost and Ice on the Evaporator Coils

This is not a good sign; the main causes could be a dirty air filter and a faulty fan restricting the airflow over the evaporator coils. Low coolant levels will mean that not enough heat is absorbed from the warm air. Without these sources of heat, the coils will start to freeze over. Your air conditioner will shut down and you will have to wait up to 24-hours to allow the coils to thaw before you can switch it back on again.

A Trusted Air Conditioner Repair Company

K&S Heating & Air is a family-run business and has been serving the people of Wylie, TX for many years. We always have NATE-trained technicians on call 24/7 ready to help you at any time. Please don’t delay if you suspect an issue let us help you save money on any repairs by responding quickly.