Air Conditioning Is A Luxury That Should Be Protected By Air Conditioner Repair | Sachse, TX

Air Conditioning Is A Luxury That Should Be Protected By Air Conditioner Repair | Sachse, TX

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You should understand how your air conditioning system should work, in order to understand when it isn’t. Air conditioning has helped us live better and healthier lives. It has allowed us to build and thrive in the hottest locations and continue to get better over time. Air conditioners are complex appliances that require regular maintenance and repair. If you maintain your air conditioners well, you can avoid the need for air conditioner repair. If you live in the Sachse, TX, area, contact your local, professional air conditioner provider for all of your air conditioning maintenance, installation, and repair needs.

The Origin of the Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner uses the same technology refrigerators do to cool the air in your home. Air conditioning was originally invented in 1902 by a man by the name of Willis Carrier. Carrier invented this appliance in response to a problem his employer had. He worked for a printing company that found it difficult to print in the humid environment created by the heat-generating printing machines. Carrier was able to build an air conditioning system that prevented the humid environment from destroying their printed products.

Carrier went on to form his own company that sold air conditioners. From this point on air conditioning gradually became a household appliance. It was first used in public spaces. As the design became sleeker and more functional air conditioners were being used in homes all over the U.S. According to data from 2015, over 60 percent of Americans used a central air conditioning unit. The data also concluded that almost 90 percent of Americans have air conditioning of some kind. Air conditioning has allowed us to live the way we do today. There are thriving cities in the desert due to this revolutionary invention. Having a properly working air conditioning system is a luxury that should not be taken for granted. By maintaining an air conditioning appliance, you protect your investment, your health, and your finances. You should have your air conditioning system maintained on a yearly basis to prevent damages and malfunctions from occurring. Your air conditioning system must be maintained by a professional air conditioner repair service in order to increase its lifespan and eliminate potential damages.

How Does Air Conditioning Cool Your Home?

There are five major components of air conditioning. The most important components include the compressor, the refrigerant, the fans, the air ducts, and the evaporator coils. All of these features allow your air conditioner to properly cool your home. There are many different types of air conditioners, however, these components can be found in almost all of them. If any of these components were to malfunction, your air conditioner will start performing poorly or stop working altogether. If you notice that your air conditioner has stopped working as it should, the culprit for this malfunction could be one of these very important air conditioning features. If you live in the Sachse, TX, area, contact K&S Heating & Air for professional, and prompt air conditioner repair service.


The most important part of your air conditioning system may be your refrigerant. Refrigerants are sometimes also referred to as coolant. Refrigerant is a liquid and sometimes gaseous substance that is extremely sensitive to temperature. In low temperatures it is liquid. In higher temperatures it becomes gas. The refrigerant in your air conditioning is constantly being recycled as it turns into the liquid to gas and then back again. Refrigerant does this as it absorbs the heat from your environment. It then travels to the outdoor unit, expels the humidity, and returns with coolness. If your refrigerant isn’t doing this, then you have a major problem on your hands, contact a professional air conditioner repair service for immediate assistance.

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are usually made out of some sort of metal. A commonly used metal for evaporator coils is copper. Evaporator coils are used to store the refrigerant. When warm air blows over the coils, the coolant absorbs the heat and then transfers it out. The coolant is sent to the outdoor air conditioning unit and is blown with fans and returns in a much cooler state. The air is blown over the coolant and is released into the environment. This creates a refrigeration or cooling effect in the environment. The refrigerant is what makes air conditioning so efficient, and the evaporator coils hold this substance. If your evaporator coils have become rusted, or have broken in any way, you will experience poor air conditioning performance and other issues. It is important to have a professional air conditioner repair provider perform preventive maintenance services on your air conditioner to help make sure that doesn’t happen.


The compressor is another essential component in an air conditioner that must be in worrying properly, or your air conditioning system will no longer work. There are many issues that can occur with a compressor, especially if it isn’t maintained well. If your air conditioner compressor becomes damaged or faulty in any way, your air conditioning system will not work efficiently or not at all. You will need urgent air conditioner repair if you notice any issues with this component.

The compressor is so important to the entire air conditioning system because it acts as the lungs of the device. The compressor is what transfers and recycles the refrigerant throughout the appliance. Without the compressor, your refrigerant would not get anywhere. If your compressor has failed you need to contact an emergency air conditioner repair service. Acting fast may help you save money on further repairs. You can tell your compressor has failed if you hear ticking or rattling noises emanating from your AC, or if your air conditioner just isn’t working properly.

Fans and Air Ducts

Air ducts must be installed and maintained by a professional air conditioning repair company. Fans are integral parts of your air conditioning system as well. Fixing and maintaining these components of your electrical system is a routine task for a preventive maintenance HVAC technician.

Air ducts are the channels that connect your outdoor and indoor unit to your vents and then ultimately into your environment. Fans help cool and move the air in the air conditioning system.

Maintain your air conditioning system with the help of professional air conditioner repair providers. If you live in the area, contact K&S Heating & Air for all of your air conditioner repair needs.