Air Conditioning Service and Repair in the Hot South | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Service and Repair in the Hot South | Dallas, TX

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With the brutal summers comes the unforgiving heat, and residents in Dallas, TX need to remain prepared. There will always be a high demand for air conditioning service regardless of season, but the demand is even higher when the heat is on and people come to rely on their units and systems to keep them cool inside.

Keeping cool indoors is a top priority for the residents of Dallas, TX, and that’s precisely why K&S Heating and Air is here to help. In fact, their licensed professionals make providing air conditioning service the top of the list when it comes to servicing your needs.

Air conditioning service includes AC installation, maintenance, repair, and air conditioning systems. Prompt and courteous air conditioning installation is one of many services provided by the professionals at K&S Heating and Air. In fact, any air conditioning system can go down at any time, and the team at K&S Heating and Air is prepared to respond.

There are many symptoms that point to the idea of air conditioning failure. One sure sign is if you find that your unit is constantly needing repairs, and the total cost of those same repairs is more than the original value of your unit or system. In fact, the only type of regular maintenance you should need is an annual inspection and tune up, along with occasional repairs, which can be typically caught during the inspection for newer units or systems that are well-maintained. The only routine repairs that should be needed are cleaning the coils, replacing the filters, and anything else that might be basic.

If your AC unit makes a funny sound, then it’s time to have it upgraded or replaced. Any unit will make a slight noise when turned on, and that’s normal. But when you notice metallic clanking, hissing noises, or anything else out of the norm, then it may be in your best interest to consider upgrading to a new unit or system. In HVAC systems, these strange noises could be traced to duct work issues, and if that’s the case, an expert can inspect them and see what needs replacement as part of air conditioning service.

Sometimes, funny noises may be the result of a worn out fan belt. In this case, a squeaky noise can be heard, and that’s the perfect time to call a professional from K&S Heating and Air. Continued air conditioning service includes the ability to replace the necessary parts to keep your machine running, and when one part fails, it affects your unit as a whole. Without the fan belt, your air conditioner simply won’t run, so it pays to have it replaced as soon as possible.

ACs that are constantly turning on and off are slowly showing signs of rapid aging, which means that it’s time to consider investing in something new. This is known as rapid cycling, and this typically happens as the air conditioner tries to cool off your area and fails to do so. When this happens, seeking a professional for air conditioning service is a must. If anything, it’s time for a replacement.

Any unit or system should be able to cool your home within minutes of being turned on. But when a system appears to take hours to get your home cooled down, this signals trouble and a potential need for replacement. Sometimes, it pays to have a licensed professional inspect the refrigerant levels to ensure you have adequate coolant, but this may not be the case. And if that’s true, then it’s time to have your system upgraded or replaced.

With central air systems, chemicals convert from a gas to liquid, thus cooling your entire home within minutes. It goes through the compressor, which transforms it into a liquid before it hits the condenser, where it converts to a liquid state. It then goes straight to the evaporator to be dispersed as a gas to cool down your home. The fan distributes this gas evenly for your comfort and enjoyment.

Sometimes, your unit or system will kick on and work like usual but may emit a strange or unpleasant odor. When this happens, it may be the result of a dirty filter, and that can be easily checked and replaced. But if the technician notices that your filter isn’t quite the issue here, then you may need a replacement. Failure to do so can have an environmental impact on your indoor air quality as harmful toxins and particles seep in, thus leading to allergy issues and aggravating chronic breathing conditions such as asthma. If the smell appears to be moldy, then it is best that you call on a licensed contractor from K&S Heating and Air to have it cleaned as soon as possible. For burning smells, the wire insulation may need to be checked, as it can get worn out over time.

Quality air conditioning service offers so much more than a replacement. Those who have come to rely on K&S Heating and Air for their air conditioning service needs know that there are other things that licensed professionals can do for their summertime cooling needs.

For one, you know that there will be times when you have something go unexpectedly wrong with your unit or system. Emergency repair is one of many services that K&S has to offer.

We all know just how good it feels to come home to a place where it’s cool and soothing. That brisk touch of cool air is just what is needed to combat the harsh heat of a Texas summer. And when that is suddenly lacking, it has the personal impact of an emergency. Air conditioning repair service can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

When you opt for repair service, a licensed technician will arrive at your home the same day you call, inspect your unit or system, and offer the recommendations for repair. The contractor will review all services involved, including costs, taxes, and other fees. Every professional is fully qualified and is kept up to date on the latest technology for your air conditioning service needs. You can call or visit their website for further information or to schedule an appointment today.