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Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX: Only True Blue Experts Should Take A Look

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Even the most expensive, self-cleaning air conditioning unit requires a certain amount of repair and service so that it is able to work well for years. This is why air conditioning service in Richardson, TX is considered very important for extending the service life of your expensive AC unit.

This holds true due to the fact that such servicing can not only extend the life of your precious appliance, but it can also go a long way towards preventing any sort of problems and issues, at the best possible time. I.e. even before they get a chance to occur. Any outfit well versed in air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will nip problems in the bid so that you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted cooling, even in mid-summer.

The whole process of air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, involves a series of steps, that if they are properly followed, can ensure that your appliance is always in ship shape. Some of these steps include the following:

o  Don’t Neglect the Blower

The fan or blower unit may be considered to be the beating heart of the AC. This is because it is directly responsible for throwing all that cold air into your room. Should this blower become excessively dirty and clogged with thick dirt and grime, then it will adversely affect the rotation speed of the blades of the fan. And as the thickly packed grime becomes heavier, the fan will not be able to move properly, if at all. Such excess weight can cause the fan to overheat and blow up the motor, thus prompting a call to the good people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX.

Here, you should do well to remember that the blower is only part of the problem since a dirty blower will directly impact all of the other components of your AC. The compressor (for instance) will have to work harder to ensure that the temperature is maintained by the unit. Other than that, it will also lead to a steep hike in your power bills as well.

However, any really good outfit responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will take care of the issue by thoroughly cleaning the fan.

First and foremost, these highly skilled professionals will open the blower unit and blast away the years of accumulated dirt and grime with the help of pressure washers. Once they have done this, they will then wipe the fan’s blades with a soft cloth heavily laced with an anti-rust detergent. Finally, they will dry the whole fan assembly and lightly oil the metallic parts before reassembling the whole blower unit and putting it back into its original housing.

o  They Will Replace or Clean the Filters

The average split or even a window-based AC is equipped with a set of filters. These filters have two sperate purposes. The first and foremost use of the filter is to help ensure that the air being filtered into your room, is both fresh and clean. The filter does this by effectively stopping the ingress of dust, dirt, pollen and other solid particle pollutants into the room. Some of the better quality ones can also stop any bacteria from entering your room (and your lungs) thus ensuring that you and your loved ones always remain healthy.

Apart from the above, clogged filters mean that your AC is consistently being starved for air. This means it will have to work harder and this too will result in higher power bills. Here, you should follow the advice of the good people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. They will guide you in deciding if you should either replace the filters outright, or simply clean them.

o  Cleaning the Pipes and the Ducts

Many AC service and repair outfits often forget to clean the ducts and the airways. However, this is an integral part of the air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. In fact, a really good AC service outfit will always take the time to check the ducts for any leakages or a build-up of excess grime and dirt. And if the ducts are completely clogged, it can lead to an overheated condenser as well as higher electricity bills.

o  Pay Close Attention to the Condenser, the Coils, and the Fins

The condenser is a very important component of your split AC unit. It has to be periodically serviced to ensure optimal performance, throughout the service life of the unit. The people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will clean the condenser coils with the help of a fin comb. This handy little tool will not only straighten any bent condenser fins but also clean them as well.

The people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX usually avoid abrasive detergents as well as various other harmful cleaning agents when cleaning the coils to ensure that they are not damaged in any way. The usual method is to clean them with high pressure jets of both water and air.

Once the condenser unit has been completely cleaned, it is carefully wiped dry and placed into its casing and the whole unit mounted back into its brackets. The people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will then proceed to clean the room before they leave.

o  Conclusion

These are a few pointers regarding the whole AC service process. You can find plenty of relevant information on Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX quite simply by logging on to K&S Heating and Air. These professionals are very good at taking care of AC units in the Richardson, TX area.

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