Air Conditioning Service: Signs Of AC Fan Motor Problems In Homes | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Signs Of AC Fan Motor Problems In Homes | Dallas, TX

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Most households in Dallas, TX, have air conditioners to enhance comfort when during the hot summers. The AC performs at its peak when all the components it has are also running smoothly. It has a fan motor that circulates cool air throughout your house, making it cool for you and your family.

The AC fan motor is a vital part that renders your air conditioner useless if it malfunctions or breaks down. The fan motor is also susceptible to problems requiring air conditioning service technicians to carry out the necessary AC repairs and replacements. How will you know if the fan motor is failing so that you can request AC services promptly? Below are some signs that indicate AC fan motor issues.


Sounds coming out of your AC are among the signs that indicate a problem with your AC. If your fan motor is malfunctioning, the air conditioner produces squealing or screeching noise if the fan motor is faulty. The blower, which works with the fan motor, fails to collect warm air from your house in Dallas, TX, producing the squealing sounds.

Another sound that shows the fan motor has failed is the rattling noise coming from the condenser. It is a sign of loose or unfastened motor fan blades that might be striking the fan housing system as the AC operates.

Once you hear the rattling noise, reach out to a reliable air conditioning service provider for fast repairs. Also, the condensing unit might produce buzzing noises that indicate the fan motor is coming to the end of its lifespan.

With proper maintenance, the AC fan motor can serve your cooling needs for many years until it comes to its end. Therefore, if you hear the buzzing sound, you should call an air conditioning expert to diagnose the problem and make the appropriate repairs or replacements.

Failing to Start

When you turn on your air conditioner, and the fan motors won’t start, it is evidence that the fans are malfunctioning. It is a problem that can compromise the efficiency of other parts of the condensing unit, including the evaporator coils that might freeze.

So, once you realize the fan motors are not functioning optimally, call an experienced air conditioning service professional for repair services. The technician will conduct visual inspections to identify the problem causing the fan motors to stop turning.

One of the causes of the defective fan blades could be corrosion building up after a wet season. The air conditioner service provider will replace the condensing unit if rust is the cause of the problem.

The other reason behind the failing fan motor could be accumulated dirt in the fan blades inside the condensing unit. Dirt, leaves, and sticks can find their way inside the condensing unit during winter when the AC is idle, waiting for the summer season.

Without regular maintenance from a trustworthy air conditioning technician, the dirt will make it difficult for the AC fan motor to supply clean air in your home.

Fan Motors Won’t Stop Operating

If you turn off your AC and the motor fan continues to rotate, it is also a sign that the fan motor has malfunctioned. It is an issue that requires the immediate attention of a trained air conditioning service provider.

The technician will use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to check the fan motors and determine the issue. The underlying reason behind the continuous rotation might be linked to a defective thermostat, which can be replaced by the hired professional.

Another cause of the problem might be a stuck relay switch, which is responsible for closing and opening the electric circuit in the AC. So, when the relay switch gets stuck, the circuit closes up, and the electric power operating the fan motor continues to run, and so do the fans. Therefore, an air conditioning service expert will repair the relay switch to ensure its running smoothly.

Irregular Rotation of the Fans

Homeowners can notice that the fan motor has problems when the fans rotate irregularly. The intermittent operation of the fans might be due to overheating, loose wire connections, or faulty motor windings.

The electrical-related faults compromising the smooth running of the fan motor need the expertise and skills of an air conditioning service professional or an electrician. The expert will use the infrared temperature gun to check and read the temperature of the fan motors to ensure it is problem-free.

The hot condensing unit indicates that the fan motor is overheating, which the professional will have to make the necessary repairs and adjustments to the thermostat. If the issue is loose wires, the hired air conditioning service contractor will securely fasten the electric wires.

Sluggish Rotation of the Fan Motors

Another sign of a faulty fan motor is a slow rotation of the fan blades. It is a frustrating issue that makes the AC circulate insufficient air to your home.

The fan motors turn slowly because of different fan settings. Calling a licensed air conditioning service provider to check the cause of the problem will be a wise decision. The technician will check and adjust the fan settings if that is the cause of the issue.

The slow rotation of fan blades might also be due to faulty motor bearings or malfunctioning capacitors that will require the immediate attention of a professional with expertise in air conditioners.

Need Professional Help!

The fan motor is responsible for circulating the conditioned cold air in the home. If the fan is not running smoothly, your AC will not work at all. Therefore, to get the best air conditioning service experts in Dallas, TX, you should reach out to K&S Heating & Air Company.

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