Your Air Filters Can Make or Break Your Air Conditioner in McKinney, TX

Your Air Filters Can Make or Break Your Air Conditioner in McKinney, TX

The reason why most of us install an air conditioner system is to get a comfortable temperature in our houses. In addition to temperature maintenance, an air conditioner is also responsible to filter the indoor air and to keep it clean from pollutants.

As per the professionals of air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX, it is very important to keep your air conditioner system well maintained at all times. One of the major components of your air conditioner system is the air filters. Your air filters can make or break your air conditioner experience as they directly impact the efficiency of the system.

The air filter is the component that can easily be kept clean by the homeowners unless they are facing any particular issues with them. If you keep your air filters clean and unclogged, they can ensure the smooth performance of your cooling system.

As per the survey report of Environmental Protection Agency, most people spend a lot of time, around 90% of their time, at homes or in workplaces. It emphasizes on the importance of the indoor air quality and that it can neither be neglected nor taken lightly. Not to mention, air filters are solely responsible to maintain the indoor air quality.

Here are some more reasons why you must not be negligent in keeping your air filters well maintained at all times.

Polluted Air Filters are Hazardous for Health

No doubt air conditioner filters are the most unacknowledged component of our HVAC system. The only time when we truly understand the importance of air filters is when they break down or get dirty. We are not saying this because an unclogged air filter causes inconvenience in terms of letting pass unclean air, but also for the fact that they can be a source of various airborne diseases.

As per the experts of air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX, dirty air filters can also lead to the growth of spores and molds. They may also lead to an influx of various other hazardous microorganisms into your house and indoor air. Such allergens are so harmful to the human health that even healthy individuals can face severe complications due to the accumulation of such airborne allergens. This may include fungi, bacteria, pollen etc.

The most common sign of poor indoor quality is;

  • Coughing and constant wheezing
  • A sore throat
  • Chest congestion
  • General body fatigue and flu-like symptoms
  • Inflammations and ENT irritations

So if you want to avoid all these problems and have a healthy indoor environment, hire the expertise of an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX and keep your air filters well maintained.

If you are not sure if your air filters are unclogged/clean or they need maintenance, here are the tell-tale signs of faulty air conditioner filters.

Filters Appear Grey in Color

If the air filters appear grey then this indicates that they have a great amount of dirt and dust which is accumulated in the filters’ meshwork.

Dusty Indoor

If the roofs, wall of your home appear dustier than usual, this can be due to clogged or dirty air filters of your air conditioner system. This is the situation in which you immediately need to take the assistance of the expert of air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX. This is to make sure that your air filters work in optimal condition.

Overused Filters

You must know if you are using the air filters for a long time or if they have passed their useful life, as given by the manufacturers. The professionals of air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX suggest to replace the air filters after three months and to clean them every month.

So if you haven’t replaced the air filters and their useful life is already exhausted then it’s time to replace them immediately. To know which air filter best meets your requirements and air conditioner system, you can take the assistance of professional air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX

Why do you need to replace the air filters immediately or on time?

While many of us wait for the air filters to start showing their signs, it is recommended to clean them even when they do not appear dirty. The best practice is to clean them every month. Clogged air filters affect the performance of your air conditioner in many ways than one.

Faulty air filters increase the energy bills

Yes, this is a fact. A faulty air filter makes your air conditioner unit struggle and eventually inflates your energy bills. Clogged air filters reduce the air flow, your air conditioners’ fan motor runs for longer to ensure proper temperature and it simply hikes up the utility bills.

Inefficient HVAC components

The persistent use of faulty or clogged air filters makes you suffer from the malfunctioning of various HVAC components. The increased load on the air conditioner’s fan motor usually burns the internal coil. Similarly consistent high temperatures lead to the break of exchanger’s external case – as the experts of air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX suggest.

In the bottom line

The air filters of your air conditioner unit are the integral component of the whole unit. They can make your air conditioner to lose their efficiency instantly. The faulty air conditioners make you incur heavy costs in terms of utility bills, repair and maintenance. Thus, not caring about keeping your air filters clean is not an option if you like your air conditioner to work at optimum efficiency.

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