Benefits Linked to Air Conditioning Service, Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Replacement | Plano, TX

Benefits Linked to Air Conditioning Service, Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Replacement | Plano, TX

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Have you been wondering why you have been receiving ridiculously high electricity bills? The most likely cause of your predicament is that you might be having a faulty air conditioner. Electricity demands for heating and cooling amount to about 54 percent of all the energy consumed in most residential facilities. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that your air conditioner does not consume extra energy as a result of faulty cases. It is the high time you called professionals to come to your home or office to diagnose and then service or replace your air conditioner. Call K&S Heating and Air, solve your air condition problem today.

Faulty Air Conditioners

A faulty air condition does not achieve the required potential. Faulty air conditioners may result from aging systems, partial equipment failure, poor original design and workmanship, refrigerant leakage, frozen coils, defective thermostat and lack of regular servicing. The following are the signs are indicators that your air conditioner needs repair: the conditioner is blowing hot air, presence of moisture around your equipment, the air conditioner is generating unusual sounds, the air conditioner is producing string pungent odor and high humidity levels in the house. In case you notice these signs, it is high time you consider seeking air conditioning service for your equipment.

A faulty air conditioner will cause high energy consumption, decreased occupant comfort, accelerated degradation of the equipment and in some situations endangers the lives of the people living in your home. These issues might be interrelated and difficult to diagnose and correct. However, there are air conditioner servicing professionals near you ready to offer air conditioning service. Pick your phone and invite K&S Heating and Air. We are in Plano, TX to offer our services.

Diagnosing and Servicing Air Conditioner 

It is discernibly important to regularly service your air conditioner(s) to avoid the predicaments associated with faulty equipment. However, it is a prerequisite to perform a diagnosis to identify the main causes of a malfunction. There are two main diagnosis approaches:

1.  Preliminary Diagnostic Approach

The preliminary diagnostic is conducted to quickly identify the problems that are corrected immediately or results in further diagnostic.

2.  Comprehensive Diagnostic Approach.

The comprehensive diagnostic strategy is conducted to identify the issues and ensure that the equipment operates at their potential.

The cost of diagnostic and air conditioning service is variable. The cost is determined after the preliminary diagnostic. For your preliminary and comprehensive diagnostic as well as air conditioning service from our highly seasoned professionals, call us today. Our air conditioning services are affordable!

Consequences Related to Failure to Regularly Air Conditioner Servicing 

There are various consequences that are associated with failure to regularly service your air conditioner. Some of these consequences include:

1.  High Energy Consumptions

Failure to regularly service your air conditioner will cause high electrical bills because faulty equipment consumes excess energy than required. It is advisable to service your air conditions as often as possible to help save on electricity costs, as well as, save on the amount of energy used to reduce pollution.

2.  Reduced Comfort

The main purpose of an air conditioner is to create a desirable ambiance for occupants in a house or office. However, air conditioners that are not serviced regularly fail to provide these comforts due to inadequate airflow or poor distribution of airflow.

3.  Poor Humidity Control

Air conditioners that are not serviced regularly are known to have poor humidity controls. This situation will, not only, reduce comfort but also endanger the health of the occupants. Unregulated humidity levels result in the growth of molds. These yeasts are health hazards.

4.  Low Reliability

Air conditioners that are not serviced regularly are not reliable and they might breakdown at any time.

5.  Electric Shock Hazards

Air conditioners that are not serviced regularly are most likely to cause electric shocks as a result of wrong wiring or incorrect grounding.

6.  Shorted Equipment Life

Air conditioners that are not serviced regularly have a short life which leads to financial loss and you will be required to buy a new air conditioner.

To avoid all the outlined predicaments related to failure to regularly service your air conditioner, pick your phone and book for air conditioning service at your Plano, TX residence.

Replacement of Your Faulty Air Conditioner 

After an air conditioning service diagnostic, some faulty air conditioners may need to be replaced rather than be repaired. You need to consider a few factors before purchasing a new air conditioner since it is an expensive venture. Here are a few things to consider:

1.  The Age of the Air Conditioner

The life span of an air conditioner ranges from 10 to 20 years. Therefore, if your air conditioner is less than 10 years, it is advisable to consider repairing your equipment rather than replacing it. However, if your air conditioner is older than 10 years, you are advised to seek professional opinion in case of a faulty air conditioner. If your equipment is more than 20 years, then consider replacing it.

2.  Seek Professional Advice

Before deciding to replace your old air conditioner, it is advisable to seek a professional opinion. Consider working with the right company that is offering air conditioning services. The firm will be able to provide you with the honest and true condition of your air conditioner. Professionals will also advise in cases you need a different air conditioner probably to change done to your home.

Do you think that your old air conditioner needs to be replaced? Do you reside in Plano, TX? Get in touch with us. We offer professional consultation on matters of air conditioning services.

Bottom Line

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? Do you need to diagnose, service or replace your air conditioner? Are you located in Plano, TX? Our highly esteemed and professional team is ready to assist you. Contact K&S Heating and Air today to get your air conditioner diagnosed, serviced or replaced. Offering air conditioning service is our business.