Biggest Heating And AC Repair Problems | Mesquite, TX

Biggest Heating And AC Repair Problems | Mesquite, TX

Your HVAC system works hard all year long to keep you and your family comfortable. You deserve a heating and ac repair professional that works just as hard to keep it in good shape.

Fighting the extreme temperatures outside can take a toll on your HVAC system’s performance. When you need professional HVAC service, K&S Heating and Air provides fast, efficient repair for Mesquite, TX.

Repair technicians see the same basic repair problems repeatedly. If you are having trouble with your heating and air conditioning system, it probably falls under one of these categories.

Dirty Filters

One of the easiest home maintenance issues is also one of the most often forgotten. It only takes a few moments to switch out a dirty filter for a clean, new one. However, it is easy to forget to change them out on time.

The dirtier your filter gets, the more the airflow is restricted. As it becomes more and more obstructed, it can make your HVAC system work much too hard. This can lead to mechanical damage if left unattended.

So, how often should you change your air filter? Generally, you should change your home air filter once every month or two. This is just a basic guideline, however. There are several factors to consider when determining what will work best for you and your family.

Your air filter model will affect how often you need to change it. The manufacturer should include this information in your original HVAC unit paperwork.

Next, the quality of your indoor air affects how quickly your filter will become too dirty to work properly. The number of pets in the household is a huge factor in clogging an air filter. The size of your household and the quality of the outdoor air where you live can also shorten the life of your filter.

Your heating and ac repair specialist can help you determine exactly how often you should change your air filter for optimal performance. You may be surprised at how much power your HVAC unit has when you keep the filter clean.

Inattention to Regular Maintenance

Having your heating and ac repair professional provide routine maintenance for your HVAC system is imperative to its longevity. Your unit cost a lot of money. Investing in regular maintenance can protect your heating and air conditioning system from many avoidable, yet expensive, problems.

Failure to schedule professional HVAC maintenance can increase your energy usage, making your utility bill higher. It can also cause your system to work well below average and eventually fail to work at all.

Regular maintenance and heating and ac repair can save you money on expensive repairs and replacements later. Your repair tech can help you schedule your maintenance ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Thermostats come in a wide variety of styles. Some are programmable and some are not. However, all thermostats have one thing in common; they control the temperature setting in your home.

When your thermostat stops working properly, it is impossible to control the comfort level in your home. Before you call in a heating and ac repair professional, you might want to check the batteries in your thermostat. Sometimes, the problem is just a matter of a few fresh batteries.

If new batteries aren’t enough to fix the problem, your heating and ac repair tech can quickly replace your thermostat. Talk to them about updating to a newer model for extra control options.

Ignition or Pilot Trouble

Pilot or ignition problems can be caused by several things. You could have a dirty pilot. Check to see that the pilot is lit on a gas unit. It could also be a delayed burner ignition, short cycling, lack of fuel, or worn-out ignitor or thermocouple.

Light the pilot, if it has gone out. Anything bigger than that should be handled by an HVAC expert, since there is the danger of a gas leak. Have your system checked out by your professional heating and ac repair specialist for heightened safety and performance from your HVAC unit.

Breakers & Fuses

The main reason your furnace trips a circuit breaker is because of an overworking blower. Your blower has to work much harder when the airflow is blocked by something like a dirty air filter. This obstruction causes the blower to have to force the air to go through the filter, increasing the energy usage and tripping the breaker.

Before you reset the breaker, change the air filter. Otherwise, the blocked airflow will continue to overwork the blower and trip the breaker again. If it keeps tripping, talk to a heating and ac repair professional. Your circuit breaker could be malfunctioning or you could have a more serious furnace problem. Leaking ducts, dirty coils, and closed off registers can also cause the blower to work too hard.

Dirty Coils

The condenser coil is located on the outdoor unit. It has a tremendous amount of environmental debris to contend with, and can become coated with materials quickly. The evaporator coil is inside but can suffer from a dirty filter.

Dirty evaporator and condenser coils interfere with the proper performance of your HVAC and can cause it to wear out much sooner. Extremely filthy coils require a professional cleaning for your unit to work well.

Mechanical Aging & Damage

All machines face the wear and tear of extensive use. An HVAC system is no different. It will send signals to you that something is wrong with the engine. You just have to listen for them.

Strange furnace noises can give you an idea of what is wrong with your motor. A squealing noise can point to bearing failure, for example. Have your repair specialist take a look at your furnace as soon as you notice the sound. Otherwise, you may be looking at a costly replacement instead of repair.

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