Some Busted Myths about Boilers | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

Some Busted Myths about Boilers | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

Most of us have condensing boilers installed in our houses. It is water heating equipment that either runs on oil or on gas. As the name suggests, the functioning of the boiler is based on the process of water vapor condensation. It is a process which enables better heat extraction with the help of used fuel.

It is done by unitizing the previous untapped heat which usually results from exhaust gases. If we talk about traditional boiler system these gases would normally release into the atmosphere. Hence, a boiler takes advantage of such latent heat by simply turning the water vapor, which gets out along with exhaust gases, into more liquid condensate. When a boiler works on this mechanism, it delivers higher efficiency that may range from 87 to 92% depending on the boiler model.

However, the efficiency of a boiler not only depends on its working mechanism but also on its regular repair and maintenance. As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Allen, TX, there are many homeowners who believe in myths and practice false misconceptions. This is the major reason why many of them face frequent boiler issues. They even end up incurring heavy replacement cost in term of replacement.

To assist you better, let us have a look at some of the major myths associated with boilers. Let’s have a look.


There is a misconception that a boiler is only working at optimal potential when it’s fully condensing. As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Allen, TX, a condensing boiler bears big heat exchangers so it doesn’t need to condense at maximum capacity just to be efficient. Typically a new boiler that runs on gas can work on the efficiency rate falling in between the range of 85 and 93%, in comparison to 79% of the non-condensing boiler or around 56 – 64% of an outdated and old boiler.


The boilers are highly expensive unit – that is what is believed by many homeowners and why they don’t prefer to install a boiler. Well if we consider the advanced technological developments in thermodynamics field, the heat exchanger materials are used to be really expensive previously. But now they are quite cheaper and a lot more accessible, cutting down the manufacturing cost of a boiler considerably – as the experts of heating and air condition service in Allen, TX suggest.


Another common misconception about boiler is that it requires a larger radiator. This is a half-truth. The marginal benefit of a boiler, about 3%, can be achieved by simply coupling the condensing boiler with an outsized radiator. But it is neither practical nor cost-efficient as you may expect. That is why; you should not be worried; if the standard size radiator is appropriate with your condensing boiler. As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Allen, TX even if you operate the condensing boiler with a large radiator, it will not benefit you in the long run.


A boiler is not a reliable heating system. This is particularly true if we speak of old times. Previously some of the models of the boilers used to come with less reliable parts compared to today’s traditional heating systems. The current boiler models come with latest upgrades that make them highly efficient heating appliance to be installed in a household. These improvements in the manufacturing of condensing boilers have made it amazingly reliable as well as a high-quality heating system.


The professionals of heating and air condition service in Allen, TX state that many homeowners consider the installation of the condensing boiler as a difficult task. Well, this might be true if you hire an unprofessional heating and air condition service in Allen, TX to perform the installation.

However, when homeowners understand the significance of the proper installation of the boilers, they always go with a reputed heating and air condition service in Allen, TX. This means less hassle and easy installation. Apart from this, before the installation, homeowners must select a suitable place for the installation of the condensate drain. The installation of the boiler is not different from the installation of an electric boiler or ordinary gas.


The boiler plume is a simple nuisance. This is another popular false misconception about boilers. Since the fuel gases that leave the condensing boiler are quite cool, they produce a noticeable amount of water vapor mist around the terminal or outlet itself. While this can be bothering for homeowners, the collected plume is not really a problem at all. Actually, it shows that your boiler is working at its full potential. It is working as intended.

Nonetheless, one should be attentive to the location of flue and boiler before the installation process. This is to make sure that the accumulated plume is not getting close to the pedestrian paths and neighboring properties.


Another myth is that condensing boilers are quite hard to maintain. However, they are not hard to maintain especially if we compare them with old and traditional boiler systems, mostly running on electricity or gas. However, the only factor that homeowners must care about is that the condensate drain remains clear during use.

Another important consideration is to hire only the professional and reputed service for the installation, inspection, and repair of the boiler. The selection of the best service providers holds great importance as it can make or break your boiler experience.

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