What Causes Airflow Problems in an HVAC system? | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

What Causes Airflow Problems in an HVAC system? | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

There are multiple heating and cooling system installed in our houses but not most of us understand the major problems that are directly associated with such systems. This happens when we neglect the scheduled inspections or regular repair and maintenance of our heating and cooling system.

The more frequent problem; when we call the help of heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX is when our any of the HVAC components stops working or breaks down.

This is definitely a distressful situation and a wrong practice to follow. The regular inspection and maintenance of your integral household system will not only save you a good amount of money in terms of frequent repairs but it will also cut down your utility bills expense.

So what are the factors that indicate the proper functioning of your HVAC system?

Well, whenever an HVAC system is facing any chief functionality problem, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate this. The most frequent troubles with an HVAC system are related to airflow mechanism. There could be many reasons for deteriorating air flow of an HVAC system. But if you believe that your HVAC system is facing airflow troubles, you are likely to be prone to one or more of following problems.

  • Spots/Marks – Cold and hot spots all around the area. This is the first sign of an HVAC system facing airflow
  • Pressure inequity – if you have witness slamming of a door all by itself, odd noise and drafty spaces that are not paranormal. Indeed, these are just the major symptoms of facing pressure issues. These pressure problems result from your HVAC systems as well as their airflow
  • No air – every time you observe that little or no air is coming from the air conditioning registers, it is a clear indication that your HVAC system is not working properly.
  • Warm air – if you detect that your air conditioner is blowing warm air, this is certainly a sign of an out of order HVAC system.

However, if you don’t pay any attention, continue to ignoring such problems and don’t get the system repaired by hiring a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX then you may aggravate the issue. Neglecting these issues will put added strain on your HVAC system. This might also result in failure of the compressor.

Needless to say, the compressor is another vital components of an HVAC system and most of the times; its breakdown requires a total replacement. Thus if you wish to avoid paying replacement cost then get the help of a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX for immediate inspection and repair if needed.

For your better understanding, here are the most frequent causes of HVAC air flow problems.

Blocked Registers/Vents

This is more of an easy fix and you can effortlessly handle the problem. What you need is to keep registers and vents open as well as unblocked. Prevent the blockage by placing any furniture or structure in front of vents/registers. This problem is most frequent in a commercial setup. Also, people continue to change the temperature settings frequently. They shift the furniture or similar items in order to avoid or block the air flow. The next is that the HVAC system suffers from various problems.

Clogged Filters

When did you change the air filters of your HVAC system, last time? If you don’t remember or the answer is no, your HVAC system is in the trouble. Indeed, you should immediately call the assistance of a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX.

Remember. The HVAC system air filters carry out a critical job. They are accountable to maintain the air in your house clean and dirt free. Hence, if the air filters are jammed or dirty, they will obstruct the HVAC airflow. This will additionally lead to hot and cold marks as well as stuffy air. In fact, some other HVAC parts may also get affected due to this.

So before your HVAC system breaks down completely, hire the experts of heating and air conditioner service in Richardson, TX and replace the clogged air filters immediately.

Leaky or Barren Ducts

Do you know what happens to the pollutants or dirt that gets past your HVAC air filters? Well, it leads to its accumulation in the ductwork. Given that these particles are tiny they may easily get blocked in the ductwork, affecting the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. In addition to this, if you live in an old building arrangement, you must have observed various insects and plenty of birds residing or building nests inside such structures.

All of this makes the ductwork to leak and get holes. This finally leads to airflow blockage. So if you face any of such issues then hire the expertise of a heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX and get it checked for any possible problems.

Sluggish Fan

Most HVAC systems include blower fans. Such fans are liable to move air through space and ducts. However, if fans are slow, they significantly obstruct HVAC airflow. This usually happens in restaurants setup where filth slows down such fans and ultimately disrupts the air flow. While this is not a multifaceted problem, you may always clean fans, unless you require a total replacement by hiring the experts of a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX.

In the bottom line

There can be multiple reasons following a failing HVAC system. In addition to ones discussed above the problem with air flow can also be due to dirty coils, oversized AC unit, low refrigerant levels, out-of-date HVAC design or others.

However, if you are facing an airflow concern then get if fixed by taking the help of a heating and air condition service in Richardson, TX. For this, head over to K&S Heating and Air right away. Their team of professionals is well versed in handling the most complex HVAC issues.