Choose Wisely: Follow these 5 Pointers When Choosing A Heating And Ac Company

Choose Wisely: Follow these 5 Pointers When Choosing A Heating And Ac Company

Heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX can differ markedly depending on the contractor or company that you choose for the service job. You have to play your part wisely and do adequate research for selecting a contractor who will not rip you off. It can mean all the benefit in the world in terms of a professionally handled and well executed air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX.

It’s essentially the same as choosing mechanics or a reliable family doctor: you don’t want any hitches. The difference between a handyman with a couple of tools and a stickered up van and a professional is the quality of service that they offer. Not all contractors are bad; some still do things by the book and are very good at it. You just need to have the skills and patience to find them.

To make sure that you have peace of mind after selecting a contractor and long after their job is done, we will give some valuable pointers for selecting a reliable and professional heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX.

1.     Be wary of heating and AC companies who replace existing units with refurbished ones.

A reliable ac unit can give problem-free service for up to 15 years if proper air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX is done. It also has to be maintained following the guidelines of the manufacturer. A 1999 and 2017 model Ford Explorer at the same dealership will be way different from each other. AC units are the same way.

If the ac is an older (refurbished) model it may not be as efficient or as cost effective as a new one is. Luckily, a professional heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX will rightly be able to recommend numerous models for keeping your house up-to-date and efficient.

Someone just trying to lessen their inventory of older models will likely recommend an older model. Always opt for the most current and up-to-date models for new air conditioning units.

2.     Always take your bids from company sales reps in writing

Some sales reps will try to discuss the specifics of your heating and ac contract verbally. This is in no way a smart decision on your part. Get those bids in writing so you can later question the service by keeping that bid document as a reference. A written legally binding contract is always a good option.

You can not dispute the spoken word in a court of law if there is some “unsatisfactory work” done by the company reps. It will help if you have written evidence at that point. A genuine, trustworthy and reliable heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX will, thankfully, never let it come to that point. They will already give you their bids in writing and then follow up and through with them. The document will include a list of do dos for the project, the equipment that will be installed, the prices of those materials, labor costs and every other relevant detail necessary for the project.

3.     Never take them (bids) over the phone

Telephonic bids are never wise, for you or for the heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX that you choose. It should tell you that something fishy is going on. There is just a lot of specifics that need to be dealt with. The condition of the ductwork, insulation, number of cooling registers and the kind of windows are just a few examples. There’s a lot more where that came from.

The next time someone tries to have that “bidding” conversation over the phone, you know they either don’t have relevant experience or are trying to rush you into making a commitment. A visit becomes necessary in order to develop a bid and take these factors into account.

Surveying the house’s heating and ac in Frisco, TX is very important to ensure you get the right service. A good contractor will also be thorough in this job. This is for something called the Manual-J calculation of your house air conditioning system. It calculates the energy load for heating and cooling for your whole house.

4.     Lower cost means long run heartache: it isn’t always best

New air conditioner installation in Frisco, TX can be a cause of many woes in the long run if you don’t get it right the first time. So called low cost contractors install the ac units and equipment improperly and leave the customer furiously unsatisfied.

For something that has to run 10 to 15 years, you need to have this machine and its parts installed properly and professionally. Otherwise, it won’t be a pretty sight moving forward. Premature system failure and inefficient or uneven cooling throughout the house are just two of the possibilities that may happen.

Some low-cost contractors use underhanded tactics to have ridiculously cheap rates. From stealing used equipment from construction sites and operating under fake or stolen licenses, it’s no wonder that they promise such cheap rates with labor and insurance included. Go with the rule of thumb “if its, too good to be true, it probably is!” And get multiple bids on the same job to get a reasonable idea of what’s “too good” or “too bad” and what’s “just right!”

5.     Experience counts but “it ain’t everything”

With the furious pace that new technology is developing, it’s no wonder that your relevant experience is decreasing month over month. What we mean by that is that there are new heating and cooling technologies that are more efficient in their operation and may require something more than what traditional companies have been doing for the past 20 or 25 years.

If the contractor that you hire puts the argument of “if been doing this my whole life/ this way for 20 plus years,” something’s off. Not that it’s bad that they have been doing this work for 20 years, but they should be up-to-date with the latest technologies for heating and cooling (such as programmable ac and heating units) as well as the latest, most efficient installation methods.

Choosing a heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX is not about going with the lowest cost. It’s about putting in time and effort and then following instincts. If you live in Frisco, TX give the professionals at K & S Heating and Air a call for more information.