Common Troubles in Air Conditioning and Heating System | Heating and AC Repair Service in Farmers Branch, TX

Common Troubles in Air Conditioning and Heating System | Heating and AC Repair Service in Farmers Branch, TX

Although homes in Texas are traditionally equipped with a variety of appliances for gas and electricity, heating and air conditioning repair services like K&S in Texas mostly get contacted for routine problems in the heating and AC system.

Farmers Branch, TX is an inner-ring suburb of Dallas, TX. Being a small suburb, it has fewer options for everything including HVAC services. Residents often had to contact heating and air conditioning repair providers in Dallas, TX, but that’s not the case anymore.

K&S Heating and Air, in addition to providing heating and air condition services to a number of other cities in Texas, is serving Farmers Branch, TX too. The provider deals in all kinds of repairs, emergencies, replacements, and installation services that you might need for your cooling and heating system and thermostats.

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Troubles

Wiring Problems

The wires in your AC system are likely to fray and rust, particularly if they are open to the outdoor elements. Wires can be effortlessly swapped or changed, but if they are conflicting or have corrosion, they will not be able to transport electricity effectively.


You need air conditioning repair usually when the circuit gets overloaded. The air conditioning system uses so much power that it’s mandatory you have a separated circuit breaker for it in the electric panel of your house. Your circuit breaker tripping again and again is a sign it needs to be checked by professional experts from K&S heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX.

Commonly, there are two major causes of the tripping phenomenon of the circuit breaker. One, the breaker is faulty; two, the AC is utilizing too much power.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a substance used for cooling in refrigerators and air conditioners. The substance leaks down if it is not properly inserted or if it was undercharged at the time of installation. This is why air conditioner installation is recommended to get done from expert providers like K&S in Farmers Branch, TX.

Adding and refilling refrigerant when it’s leaking is not a solution to the problem. Technicians that are experts in heating and air conditioner repair in Farmers Branch will analyze, test, repair, and charge the system for correct amount of the refrigerant.

When refrigerant charge matches accurately with the manufacturer’s specification i.e. neither undercharged nor overcharged, the performance and efficacy of your air conditioner is supreme.

Poor Maintenance

The evaporator and condenser coils of your AC often get dirty. With proper, timely servicing you can save yourself from bearing additional repair and energy costs. Experts at K&S heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX will also guide you on the intervals between such maintenance activities and why is it important.

Thermostat Glitches

An electrical thermostat is always there connected to the system to control heating and cooling in your house. Even if the heating system you have is running on a type of gas, thermostat is mandatorily there to regulate heat flow.

If the thermostat malfunctions, your house will not be getting desired levels of heating and cooling. This malfunctioning usually comes from faulty wiring which keep the thermostat form registering your home’s temperature and adjusting heat flow accordingly. If your heater is not reaching to the level that is optimal or the level you need it to reach, thermostats are the culprits.

Failing Electric Control

If the air conditioner turns on and off frequently, the fan and compressors tire out. This happens when the system is oversized.

Corrosion of wires and terminals is also a major issue that results in the ultimate failure of your home’s system. It is important to have examination scheduled with K&S air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX so that wiring problems and corrosion are identified and dealt with before a small trouble fails the whole system.

Troubling Capacitors

Capacitors help different motors in the air conditioning system to start and work. Precisely, there are two types of capacitors; one that helps the motors start and another which makes the motor function.

 Frozen Evaporator Coils

One of the common heating and AC issues is you facing temperatures that are warmer than the warmth you need. Your system has evaporator coils filled with refrigerant that absorbs heat. If air flow through the system is diminished, evaporator coil gets a layer of ice.

This layer prevents the air to flow through your home or lets a small amount pass by, resulting in warmer temperatures. Initial air flow disturbance comes in due to dirty filters, ducts, and coils.

It is necessary you consider heating and air conditioner services before filters are dirty enough to create blockage, but even if the problem has already taken over, you can get in touch with K&S heating and AC repair providers in Farmers Branch, TX.

Noisy System

When the belts and other bearing get worn out and/or fan motors of your air conditioning system get plagued with dirt or filth, the system starts making disturbing noise.

Your system is equipped with fans, condensers, coils, motors, belts and other bearings and if any or all of these parts get damaged or dirty, the flow of air through the system is affected. This results in abnormalities like undesired temperatures and noisy system.

Its best you choose to go for professional providers of air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX to get such issues resolved.

Why Should You Choose K&S for Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Using DIY ideas to trouble shoot electrical problems has been declared illegal for a reason. Electric chores are often too technical and require professional expertise and training to deal with. You can end up harming yourself and the family if you try to resolve or troubleshoot electric problems without basic knowledge and important precautions, ultimately resulting in even sever circumstances.

It is highly recommended you obtain services like air conditioner installation, and other heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX from professional experts. And when you consider contacting an HVAC, there’s no better choice than K&S Heating and Air providing services to a number of Texas cities including Dallas and Farmers Branch.

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