Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems | Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems | Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

Which type of air conditioning unit do you currently have installed in your house? Knowing this can actually help maintain your system better, ensuring that your AC runs at maximum efficiency, says an expert at K&S Heating and Air, a company that offers quality and affordable air conditioning service in Allen, TX and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the most common types of residential cooling systems. If you still aren’t sure which category yourunit falls in, you can always avail our air conditioning service in Allen, TX and ask us for advice.

Split Systems

A split AC system can function onlywhen it has aproperly system for delivering cool air, referred to as ducting. The cooling process is initiated in the evaporator coil of the indoor units. An air handler or blower spreads or distributes the cooled air through the duct network, which carries it to each and every room of the house.

Asplit air conditioner is different from other cooling systems in the sense that it can regulate temperatures in all the rooms of your house through a single system. The upfront costs are higher compared to other choices, but this is compensated with the fact a single system is all you need to cool your entire home.

According to our team offering air conditioning service in Allen, TX, the benefits of a spilt AC include central cooling and a proper duct network that delivers cool air to all areas. Since air is circulated properly, it also forces the stale air outside through the duct network, maintaining acceptable levels of indoor air quality and removing possible contaminants in the filter. Also if ducting is properly insulated or installed inside the walls, heat losses are minimized, contributing to lower energy bills.

As advantageous as these split air conditioning systems may be, K&S Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX also sheds light on the disadvantages. For starters, the duct network must be properly installed. If this isn’t the case, then it results in energy wastage, lower levels of comfort and slower airflow speeds. K&S air conditioning service in Allen, TX ensures none of the ducts pass around objects or turn sharply when installing them. Plus, the ducts should be insulated properly – raw metal is a good heat conductor and will make it more difficult for your cooling unit to regulate temperatures.

Also for a split air conditioner,filter maintenance is a mandatory aspect or it won’t function effectively. K&S Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX suggests that you should get your filters inspected and cleaned after every three months to ensure air circulation is blocked inside the duct network.

Ductless Split Systems

A ductless split system comprises of two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is hosted up on the wall whereas the outdoor unit can either be hosted or fixed to the ground. This sort of air conditioning unit doesn’t use any ducts, but still requires hoses to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Wall or Window Units

As the name implies, a window unit houses all components of the cooling system inside a single box which is then fitted into the window. Generally, this kind of air conditioning unit is simple to install and is extremely portable. A wall air conditioner is similar, but its installation is a bit more technical because the wall may have to be modified.

According to our professional team handling air conditioning service in Allen, TX, the benefits of window and wall AC includes simple wiring, which allows these units to be placed near the electrical outlet. Plus, they are compactly built and don’t take up too much space. A window AC doesn’t incur significant installation costs, especially when you avail our air conditioning service in Allen, TX, which is available in affordable rates.

Like with a split air conditioning unit, a window AC also features filters which should be cleaned regularly and replaced whenever required. As for the disadvantages, these units can cool only a single room and tend to produce noise. If they become lose, then vibration is also common. Moreover, insulation should be particularly taken care of when installing these systems or operation will be inefficient.

Evaporative Coolers

K&S Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX advises that an evaporative cooler is suitable for dry areas. These units blow air over a damp medium, dispersing water molecules into the air. These molecules absorb heat from the surroundings, resulting in a cooling effect. Usually mounted through a window or on the roof, units of these sort require a constant water supply so that moisture can be maintained.

An evaporative cooler can operate efficiently only when the home is properly sealed. Regarded as a healthy choice, this unit ensures a constant fresh air flow throughout the room. Prices are also affordable and usually 33% less than a typical air conditioner unit. However, the pads equipped with such a unit be cleaned or replaced whenever necessary to prevent damage to the system.

Packaged Units

A packaged unit comprises of two separate units which are sold and installed together. The compressor is installed over the rooftop or a wall on the outside whereas the blower unit is fixed over an inside wall. Ducts aren’t required in this case because all components are packaged ina single unit. Since air doesn’t have to travel over any distance, the room can be cooled quickly.  A packaged unit is usually confined to a particular area, so their efficiency is incomparable. Plus they are priced affordably which makes them more preferable. Generally, a packaged not works best in guest-houses, small offices, hotels, motels and garage apartments.


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