Comprehensive Heating And AC Repair For Whole-House Comfort | Richardson, TX

Comprehensive Heating And AC Repair For Whole-House Comfort | Richardson, TX

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It can get pretty hot and humid in Richardson, TX, so make sure that you give us a call to check out your HVAC system and air conditioning units each year. If they’re getting older, it might be time to consider a new unit with upgraded efficiency. In addition to heating and AC repair, we also perform maintenance including duct cleaning, filter replacement, and AC unit cleaning. We believe in treating your system as a whole, for comprehensive comfort and health.

Heater and Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

We encourage our customers in the Richardson, TX area to schedule their repair and maintenance before they really start placing a demand on the system. We appreciate the chance to clean and adjust your systems and make sure that they are in great shape before the weather changes. If a fan motor has failed or the heater needs a tune-up, we can do it while it’s still warm out. Look for our AC maintenance specials early in the spring, and we can make sure that you’ll be cool on that first really hot day. Most of all, when the time comes that you might want to look at installing a new system or upgrading, we can do it on your schedule, not the weather’s.

HVAC Systems

Care for Your Ducts

We’re HVAC experts, and we treat your home’s comfort systems as a whole, both heating and air conditioning. This is especially true of the ducts that distribute comfortable air around your house. It’s important to check them periodically, and give them a good cleaning several times a year. A lot of airborne material can settle in there, much of it too small to see but when it accumulates, the ducts can get pretty messy. Heating and AC repair includes making sure your system is blowing the cleanest air it can.

Managing Your Humidity

You probably like a nice steady temperature year-round in your home. Though you might not realize it, your comfort also depends on humidity which varies from season to season. If your system doesn’t already have it, we can install additions to your HVAC equipment that will add moisture and remove it as appropriate, or make a heating and AC repair visit and get yours working again. Humidity control also helps manage static electricity and dust, both of which get to be a real problem in dry air environments.

Updating Your Thermostats and Controls

Thermostats last a long time, so you may not have given yours much thought. If it fails, though, the rest of your system won’t be doing much. It’s an important heating and AC repair job, even though it’s a simple one. We’d be glad to upgrade yours to a more modern version that will also help you save money, controlling the temperature according to the time of day. Many homeowners are going much further, installing smart thermostats that learn how you like your temperature and adjusting accordingly. There are even ones that are part of an overall “smart home” system which takes into account sensor information like whether the living room is occupied. This is especially helpful with zone-based systems that can change the temperature of different areas of your home independently. And most of these devices can also manage humidity these days, too, if you have the equipment.

Using Zone-based Systems to Manage Comfort and Cost

For energy savings and comfort, a zone-based system is a great choice. Your ducts get divided into zones, and each area gets its own thermostat. Separate fans blow warm or cool air as needed to keep your home’s bedrooms, family area, and other sections at a comfortable temperature when needed, then change to a more economical setting when other parts of the home are in use. Many houses already have zoned HVAC systems and most homeowners find that it also can reduce the need for heating and AC repair visits. More efficient heating and cooling also mean less wear and tear as the system only runs to meet each zone’s needs, not the whole house.

HEPA Filters and Filtration System Upgrades

A lot of the tiny particles that accumulate in your ducts can be significantly reduced by filtration. Modern commercial HVAC systems often include HEPA filters, which remove nearly all of even the smallest particles. This is common in laboratory and specialized manufacturing environments. In your home, this can be a big help in reducing allergens including pollen and pet dander. Even if you don’t find HEPA filtration of benefit in your case, we highly recommend upgrading your filter system for longer effective operation between filter changes. Filter maintenance is an important part of heating and AC repair visits. After all, it affects the quality of the air you breathe for a big part of your day.

UV Lights Clear the Air for Your Family’s Health

In addition to being a response to the concerns of modern times, UV lights have been in use for decades to clear the air of pathogens in food service areas, labs, and doctors’ offices. UV is a great addition to home HVAC systems, too, where it works with your filtration to keep your air indoor clear of things you’re concerned about. Next time we visit for heating and AC repair or maintenance, ask us about how easy it is to add UV light processing to your system.

Call for Local Heating and AC Repair

Our certified crew at K&S Heating and Air knows heating and air conditioning and will be glad to make sure you’re well taken care of, warm in the winters and comfortably cool in the summers. If you live in the area, we’re waiting for your call at 972-942-8078.