Do you Need a Ductless Air Conditioning System for Your House?  | Air Conditioner Repair in Richardson, TX

Do you Need a Ductless Air Conditioning System for Your House? | Air Conditioner Repair in Richardson, TX

Global environment has been changing drastically for some decades. One of the adverse side effects we have to suffer from it is to experience the extreme temperature conditions during summer and winters both. With these inevitable environmental implications, modern architectural designs of housing units and condos also aggravate the already worsened condition of indoor temperatures.

Therefore, the need of an optimally working air conditioning set up in your residential space is a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether you are moving to a new house, remodeling the existing one or your current air conditioning system has completed its operational life. If you need an air conditioner installation in Richardson, TX then here we are providing you with the details of an alternative option to conventional air conditioning systems. Yes, we are talking about ductless heating and cooling units. Go through this article and decide on your own whether you want to go with conventional air conditioning or ductless air conditioner installation in Richardson, TX.

What are ductless air conditioning systems?

Ductless air conditioning systems consist of two separate elements called outdoor and indoor units also commonly known as condenser and evaporator units respectively. Condenser units are fitted outside and used to dissipate the heath that is sucked through the evaporator unit. The main characteristic which makes these air conditioning systems different is that they don’t need a ductwork to operate and provide their conditioned air in the house.

Many people have put up a perception that ductless air conditioning systems are only used to have a single zone of the indoor space conditioned with cool or warm air. However, this is not the case because ductless systems, like conventional HVAC systems, also come in an assembly that can holistically work to provide conditioned air in all the living spaces in the house. Ask the nearest provider of air conditioning service in Richardson, TX for more details.

Multi-split setting

Multi-split system of ductless air conditioners uses one condensing unit attached with multiple indoor air handlers installed in different house areas. Providers of professional air conditioning services in Richardson, TX can provide you with more details of how a multi-split ductless air conditioning can be employed in your house according to your needs.

Why ductless air conditioning systems

It is a valid question as why one should switch to a ductless air conditioning system? There are various features or somewhat benefits of this air conditioning set up which make a strong case for them to be used in residential spaces.

Reducing power bills in more ways than one

One of the reasons ductless air conditioning systems getting widespread acceptance is their higher efficiency in terms of power consumption. We all know that ducted air conditioning systems and window units operate on more power and obviously, it results in hiked up utility bills.

Efficient air delivery system

Ductless air conditioning systems can also reduce the energy bills due to their efficient air delivery system. Since no ducts are involved in delivering the conditioned air to the intended home space, therefore it gets lesser time in acquiring the desired temperature.

Multi-split system

Multi-split system which helps in providing conditioned air to multiple zones in the house also helps in cutting the energy cost because you can alter the load on the system according to the need of air conditioning in specific rooms and spaces.

To make sure that you are fully getting the benefits of this cost-effective feature, have your ductless air conditioner installation in Richardson, TX from a reputable HVAC service provider. Energy efficiency of a ductless air conditioning system also implies that it is a greener option in terms environmental backdrop with lower levels of carbon footprint.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ducted air conditioners need regular cleaning routine and separate air filtration systems to ensure better indoor air quality. Conversely, ductless air conditioning systems have built-in multi-stage filtration system which reduces the amount of different pollutants from the air.

Swift installation

By circumventing the need of ductwork, a good air conditioner service in Richardson, TX can prepare a residential unit with multi-split ductless air conditioning system within a day.

Constraints of ductless air conditioning systems

With all its advantages for a household, there are some constraints associated with ductless air conditioning units for which households persist with the same traditional HVAC systems.

Up-front cost

One requires a more upfront cost to have ductless air conditioner installation in Richardson, TX’s house because newer technology units are expensive. If you want a single-zone air conditioning, then you have to pay more as compare to window units or baseboard duct systems.

Even though you get reduced energy bills but the replacement of a traditional HVAC system with ductless air conditioning requires a large sum of money. Therefore, seek the advice of a professional air conditioning service in Richardson, TX before making the decision. They can recommend whether your residential space requires traditional HVAC system or ductless air conditioning after its assessment.

Aesthetical constraint

If you are very conscious of the aesthetics of the indoor and outdoor of your house then ductless systems might bug you with their white and beige outcrops of evaporator and condenser units on the house walls. One doesn’t have to face this issue with traditional HVAC systems because all the ductwork is hidden behind walls and roofs, if installed by a good air conditioning service in Richardson, TX.

Regular cleaning needed for both units

This is another Achilles’ heel of ductless air conditioning systems because they can’t bear the accumulation of dust and debris on evaporator and condenser coils respectively. Since condenser coils are fitted outside, therefore they easily get grimy impeding the working of its fans which results in sluggish performance of the whole air conditioning assembly.

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