Do You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair? | Garland, TX

Do You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair? | Garland, TX

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During summer, temperatures can soar to unprecedented highs. At times, even when it is cold, the weather in Garland, TX, may not follow the regular seasonal patterns. Similarly, during winter, when temperatures are low, you need a functioning heating system to keep you warm and cozy.

Perhaps it is time to invest in a new unit or have the existing one repaired for efficient operation. K&S Heating and Air serves homes and businesses in Garland, TX, and beyond. Our team is ready to offer advice, install and do repairs to your heating and air conditioning unit.

Heating and cooling units may stop functioning at an unexpected time. Some people may be tempted to do DIY repairs. These fixes are risky, and you may end up damaging your systems. Your safety comes first, and it is crucial to engage with the right personnel to get the job done.

Licensed staff will not only repair your unit but will also inspect it entirely and give an expert opinion. A professional heating and air conditioning repairjob will protect the manufacturer’s warranty and your investment. Our team is ready to offer advice, install and do repairs to your heating and air conditioning unit.

Our Services

We have a wide range of heating and air conditioning repair services. We also maintain heating systems, fans, filters, and much more. Below, we look at the type of heating and air conditioning repair services we offer to our customers in Garland, TX.

Furnace Service and Repair

There are several reasons why your central heating system needs regular checkups and repairs. A properly maintained unit will reduce energy consumption and help lower your bills. It also helps in detecting early gas leaks, which are a safety risk.

A furnace requires special attention due to the nature of its work for it to serve you for long. Routine service of your furnace is a wise decision since it helps in improving efficiency and preventing breakdowns. It also helps in prolonging your unit’s lifespan and saves on replacement costs.

We service all types of furnace and work with you in implementing a scheduled maintenance program. For optimal performance, contact K&S Heating and Air experts for regular maintenance, which will reduce repair costs.

We will study the layout of your central heating system to detect any problem. During winter, a faulty furnace may inconvenience you, and to prevent such an occurrence, we recommend repair or installation of a new unit. Repairs of your heat pumps and the split system are necessary since it ensures your central heating system is running smoothly.

Air Conditioner Service and Repair

Air conditioners ensure you stay cool when the heat is blazing. It is essential to have scheduled heating and air conditioning repair maintenance programs so that they work optimally, even when it is super-hot.

K&S heating and air conditioning repair will carry out preventive maintenance on your AC to help protect it from eventual damage. Besides, regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning unit helps prevent problems such as hot air blowing or unusual sounds emanating from AC. Dust and other debris may also hinder the smooth airflow, and therefore, your AC unit needs regular maintenance.

If your unit is not functioning correctly, there is a need for expert consultation. Our engineers at K&S Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Company will come and inspect your air conditioner, give professional advice, repair or install a new unit. If there is a thermostat breakdown, we will repair or replace and ensure your unit resumes normal operations.

Reliable Installation

There are times your AC unit may need replacement due to old age, high energy consumption, or damage. Our trained technicians at K&S Heating and air conditioning repair will do the installation safely, fast and efficiently. For you to stay warm during the cold weather, this will depend on the quality of your heating system. We do the installation of premium furnaces to homes and commercial places.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Experts

When looking to hire a professional heat and air conditioner repair contractor, there are a few things that make our firm stand out from the rest.


Our firm has been in business for long and has built a long list of loyal clients in Garland, TX. Our skilled technicians have hands-on experience with almost all models of air conditioners. This exposure gives you confidence that we can fix everything from electrical parts, oil motors, condensers, filters, or thermostats.

We have certified technicians who are efficient in heating and AC repair works. We believe in staying relevant to the changing technology, which is why our technicians undergo regular training to boost their skills.

Our licensed and insured team is always ready to offer support on any issue concerning your AC and heating system. We have vast industry knowledge, which gives us an upper hand in diagnosing problems and providing solutions within a short duration.

Emergency Services

We understand that a damaged AC can cause panic, especially during summer. We have personnel on standby to handle emergencies and do onsite repairs.


We only hire people who have passed the integrity test. We do an in-depth background check on our staff and ensure only vetted personnel has access to your home at any time for service, repairs, or installations.

Right Equipment

We have the right equipment to identify a problem with your air conditioning and heating system to ensure the issue is fixed to prevent the escalation of damage.

Superior Service

You are guaranteed to get high-quality service for your HVAC unit at K&S Air Conditioning and Heating. We strive to offer the best experience to our customers and ensure satisfaction. We value our customers since we understand that they are the greatest asset in our business.

Hiring a professional to repair your HVAC system has multiple benefits. It helps keep your AC and heating system in good shape. Any time you feel that your old unit needs repair, K&S Air Conditioning and Heating is the go-to company to help in energy conservation and reduction of energy bills. Irrespective of your repair needs, contact us today for a dedicated heating and air conditioning repair service.