Does Your Air Conditioner Require Repairs in Richardson, TX?

Does Your Air Conditioner Require Repairs in Richardson, TX?

Even though the rest of the country has dived headlong into fall, the air conditioners have yet to stop working in Richardson, Texas.  Or has yours already given up on proper functioning this summer season?

Air conditioners are by far the most essential home appliance in homes and offices across Texas – if there were no AC’s, Texans would be melting in the sweltering heat. Which is why it’s so important for the air conditioners to be in top working condition. However, it just so happens – most people don’t actually know whether their HVAC systems are working at an optimal level or not. While it’s quite easy to tell if the air conditioning system is in need of some TLC, often times, the more inexperienced homeowners mark off air conditioner troubles as something that exists only in their heads. ‘As long as there’s cool air coming out of it, it’s working’ is the opinion a majority of us seem to share. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the way to judge optimum functionality of such a major home appliance.

If you are one of those people, worry not. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the possible signs and symptoms to help identify whether or not it’s time for you to consider air conditioner repair in Richardson, TX.

Operating Troubles

Lets’ begin from the basics, shall we?

If your air conditioning system won’t switch on at all, and operate well, that is the first and the biggest indicator that you could have air conditioner troubles. That’s not all though – other signs of operating troubles include the air conditioner switching on but shutting itself off, or appearing to be working while there is no air flow at all.

If any of this happens with your AC, chances are that either the power isn’t reaching your air conditioning system, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or there is something wrong with the circuit breaker. Either way, air conditioner repairs are in order.

Strange Sounds

Rattling, clanking, rumbling, ticking, popping, or cracking sounds emitted from the air conditioner either at start up or during the course of operation through the day are a sure shot sign of some sort of trouble. You can hear squealing, grating and even grinding noises. Any of these noises could be due to something as simple as a screw becoming lose in the motor or the fan, or as complex as a bent fan wing/blade or possibly a blown motor. Just know that strange sounds from the air conditioner are not normal and you should think about seeking professional help at the first opportunity.

Stranger Odors

What’s worse than strange sounds are stranger odors which come from your cooling systems, spreading throughout your home. If you have a strong, pungent smell coming from the air conditioner, it most likely means that the wire insulation of your AC has either worn down, or has burnt out. There’s also the possibility of a more metallic smell which means one or the other part of the air conditioner has become crusted with rust. A musty and overpowering smell is usually because of the presence of mold inside the air conditioners ducts or the filters.

Either way, your air conditioner needs service and repairs as soon as humanly possible. That is because a faulty wire insulation can lead to a possible fire, and the presence of mold or fungus in the air conditioner means that the health of all your family members is seriously at risk.

Poor Air Flow

If you feel that you aren’t as comfortable in your home as you previous were, that the air feels muggy and stifling despite the air conditioner seemingly working, it most likely means that there is poor air flow.

Poor air flow sometimes occurs because the air filters have become clogged by the collection of dust. A simple removal and cleaning of the filters can solve this problem – but not always. In any case, it’s beneficial to call in a professional air conditioner repair person to thoroughly service your AC system to ensure proper cooling.

Temperature Fluctuations

Does it get very hot at times and then very chilly at others inside your home? If yes, it would serve you well to know that any sort of temperature fluctuation means that there is a significant requirement of air conditioner repairs. Although sometimes, the problem may not exactly lie within the air conditioner itself but with the thermostat. In any case, a good indication of thermostat problems is that a certain part of the home may be cold while the other may be warm.

No Cool Air

If you’ve switched on your air conditioning unit but there is no cool air to be found anywhere – your air conditioner could seriously be malfunctioning and is in dire need of some professional help.

Abnormally Hiked Utility Bills

Another identifier of air conditioner functionality concerns is an unusually hiked utility bill – especially in cases where the use and usage time durations of the air conditioner have pretty much remained unchanged.  When an air conditioner is not working properly – and you still result in spiked electricity bills, you should know that your air conditioner is operating inefficiently – most likely due to the ineffective condensing or cooling coils.

Water Leakage and Moisture

Water leaking, moisture pooling or ice chunks coming out from the air conditioning indoor unit is indicative of an air conditioner malfunction. Moisture generation is quite normal while working. However, that water is in the form of condensation which mostly collects in a pan and then flows out through the air conditioner drain pipe. When there is water leaking or pooling anywhere near or from the air conditioner, it usually means that there is a problem with the cooling coils and condensation, or the drain pipe.

If you recognize any of the above-mentioned signs of air conditioner troubles, feel free to call the experts at K&S Heating and Air to help with the air conditioner repairs. To set up an appointment for consultation, call 972-271-9319 or visit for more information.