Dos and Don’ts of Air Conditioning in Dallas, TX

Dos and Don’ts of Air Conditioning in Dallas, TX

Air conditioning services are an important part of the modern home. It is a source of comfort and a symbol of the technological development and advancements we have seen over the centuries. Air conditioning services started from utilizing stored ice and using ice machines in earlier centuries until they developed to the high performing versions of the day.

The earth is a wondrous and beautiful place and the climate we live with is quite welcoming on many days. Some parts of the world, and some seasons the earth presents, though makes the technological achievements made one we simply cannot do without. Air conditioning services make the environment fit for human habitation so that we may continue about our everyday jobs.

What you should do

Air conditioning services cannot be done without for us in Texas where its hot and it can be really uncomfortable when you do run into break downs. Keep your AC well maintained for this reason. This is an extremely basic do that needs to advocated as a rule, remember prevention is always better than cure. Inquire with us in how regular these checkups should be.

You can do your own simple maintenance to keep your AC running at maximum efficiency and output. Make sure to change and clean filters (which are important for regular airflow), clean coils and check the ducting of your air conditioner. Pay attention to minor indicators, such as the sound it makes, during operation is another step in prevention. This is essential for your Air conditioning service’s long-term health.  Check condensation lines, air conditioners can pull more than 4 gallons of water from the air per day, this can result in algae build up which needs to be cleared for drainage.

Invest in a capable machine and a reputable brand. Air conditioning services that come built with the facility are usually not questioned, but make sure you know their parts, as these are subject to replacement over the long run. Each brand can do something right, and at the same time be lacking somewhere, juggle your options and see what you can get at. Whether you’re looking at split ACs or large ductless systems, knowing the pros and cons of each brand will lead to a proper informed decision. We encourage you to ask with us regarding your options, working on these systems gives us a good idea of who does what well, get the maximum returns from your investment.

Devices that come with extensive thermostat controls are recommended. You can tailor your house’s cooling to your needs, including keeping the temperature up where it is not needed and vice versa. Turn off your humidifier for cooling, more moisture in the air will only make things worse.  Another neat little tip is to keep the system off during lightning storms, turn the system off during the storm to avoid damage to your system.

Make sure to maintain refrigerant levels. The Refrigeration cycle is what lets your Air conditioning services do the cooling. The refrigerant itself is a liquid that keeps circulating from cold to hot stages passing through the compressor and the condenser. Refrigerant levels are also essential as improper levels may damage the compressor. This is another job for the professionals, as tampering with refrigerant lines can be dangerous. This job can be done annually.

Do make sure to work with seasoned professionals. Amateur workers can do the job but they lack the training and expertise the best can provide. The industry offers its own marks of excellence. We are a BBB accredited business and our employees have years of experience that will get you your money’s worth. Professionals can take care of the ‘heavy lifting’ work for you, which you or your help can’t get done. Also, remember professional help will lead to a healthier device in the long run as we know where to look. The pros can even extend warrantees and guarantees that cover your Air conditioning services,

What to not to do

There should be no obstructions to the AC’s components. This can also result for the ACs outside unit,  Leaves and twigs can gather and birds can plant nests. Obstructions will hamper airflow or can disturb moving parts. This is a simple job you can get done yourselves. Do not use thick heavy filters as well, these can result in reduced airflow and thus less air conditioner efficiency.

Here’s another for Texas: Don’t keep your Air conditioning services at the lowest possible temperature on the thermostat. Your A/C can never meet that low a temperature in typically hot climate cities and forces the A/C to keep trying to cooling or keep its compressor running nonstop. This is a waste of resources and results in higher bills to cover. A manageable or medium setting is preferred (example 24oC, or 75oF, do try experimenting), that the air conditioner achieves and then turns off its cooling until needed again.

Don’t keep old machines, it might seem like a good idea to keep a decade old machine running until it breaks, but the inefficiency – in terms of energy consumption and operation – can be severely penalizing to your living.  The industry has gone leaps and bounds in the past years and your choice to invest in a new product is only smart. Try checking with us, in what we can recommend.

Avoid do it yourself installation tricks, such as mounting units with wood or with bricks. Make sure proper installation procedures are followed and you use proper mounting equipment.


The current trend of innovation is set to continue and we will continue to see advancements in the Air conditioning services. K&S Heating and air is your partner, affecting repairs and providing maintenance of your home devices. We work with heating appliances as well as the name tells you, don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need us. We are in quite a few cities, Dallas, Garland, and McKinney being some of them.